It’s better to be safe than sorry in almost all situations, and pest control is no exception. Across Canada, households spend thousands of dollars every year to deal with a pest infestation. While sometimes pest infestations are innate and hard to prevent, an early detection can always be easy on your pocket. Detecting a pest infestation early on and then handing over the responsibility of it to professional pest control companies is highly recommended. Power pest control is a Toronto based pest control company that is certified and has effective and safe pest control services.

Despite having access to professional pest control companies, it is always best to check for any early signs of infestation yourself and then hand over matters to people who know best. Detailed below are signs of pest infestation that you ought to be on the lookout for:

1. Droppings or Excreta

Any instances of pest droppings are a major signal towards your home being infested. You or you cleaning staff ought to regularly check for any unwarranted droppings in your home, garden or pretty much any where on your property. While you clean your home, you ought to perform regular checks for any droppings on the walls, floors and behind or in between furnishings.

2. Homes Within Homes

Certain pets, such as rats, are probable to make nests out of any thing that resembles a sitting or sleeping space for them. This includes boxes, leaves, paper or pieces of wood. Their nests are typically located in covered places or areas that aren’t very accessible in your home and can become a breeding ground for them. Hence you constantly need to be on the lookout for any such thing.

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3. Stains and Markings

You also need to lookout for any stains or grease marks in your home that can signal towards an infestation. Certain pests leave grease marks on their trails as they travel and these marks are often dark and easy to detect. Following a trail can help one detect where do the pests come and go from easily.

4. Damages to Property

Any holes or marks of gnawing indicate a pest infestation easily. Any marks of gnawing in case of a rat infestation are very common especially on furniture. Termites on the other hand damage wood and wooden structures need to be checked for signs of infestation. Any damages to property are potentially dangerous and hence need to be checked for vigilantly.

5. Funny Smells and Sounds

Along with an infestation your home can be filled with weird smells and scents. Pest usually have a certain odor and when they infest a space or area, after a while the space starts to smell like them. These smells are typically associated with their droppings or urine which they tend to leave around the place. Also, any food that they carry with them may also begin to rot and add to the weird smells around the house. Additionally, any sounds of squeaking or scratching that you feel don’t belong in a certain place could be evidence of an infestation.