Wedding blessings are like treasure troves of wisdom and encouragement for the newlyweds. Passed down through generations, they’re inspired for the journey ahead. From classic literature to modern poetry, blessings for newlyweds offer diverse perspectives on love and commitment.

Dive into our collection for heartfelt wedding prayer quotes to inspire your big day!

Blessings from Parents

Parents’ blessings for marriage quotes are usually filled with emotion, coming straight from the heart. As a parent, when offering your wedding prayer for a couple, keeping it short and sweet is key. Steer clear of childhood stories that might not vibe well with the couple.

Here’s a short wedding blessing: “Wishing your home a place of love, joy, and laughter. May your marriage be long, healthy, and faithful through all seasons. Our prayers are always with you.”
Another could be: “May your days be full of laughter, your hearts brimming with happiness, and luck always on your side. Here’s to chasing dreams together with hope and determination.”

Short Wedding Blessings

Short blessings for a married couple are like little bursts of love and joy, packing a punch with their sincerity. Keep it short and sweet, as folks might be itching to hit the dance floor. Just speak from the heart, using simple words, and wrap it up with a warm wish for their happiness ahead.

For Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s quote: “Here’s to growing old together, still crazy in love and playful as ever!”
 And for Albert Einstein’s quote: “Wishing you a love that defies all logic, where every moment together feels like a beautiful blur of time. Cheers to your unstoppable bond!”

Funny Blessings for Marriage Couple

When aiming for funny wedding blessings, keep the humor classy and appropriate. Choose a quote that’ll hit the mark without stepping on any toes. Gauge the couple’s humor style and sprinkle it for a good laugh.

For Ogden Nash’s first quote: “I love you more than a duck loves water and a grapefruit loves squirting juice. More than a gin rummy finds boredom, and a toothache finds pain. Now that’s some serious love!”
And for the second quote: “To keep your love tank full, remember this: when you goof up, ‘fess up; when you’re spot-on, just shush!”

When It’s Time to Say Your Wedding Blessing

When it’s time to bless the newlyweds, you’ll usually hear it during the ceremony or just before digging into that delicious reception meal. Who does the honors? Well, that depends on the couple’s vibe and traditions.

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Typically, wedding blessings kick off the ceremony, setting a sacred tone for everyone gathered. But at the end of the day, it’s all about asking for that divine thumbs-up on the marriage.

These blessings are like the heart and soul of the wedding, offering up good vibes and best wishes for the happy couple’s journey ahead. And hey, you’ve got options galore! There are loads of “May God bless your marriage” quotes floating around.

Feel free to pick one that resonates with you, or get creative and create your unique spin for wedding blessings.