Say goodbye to white and cream walls – this is a thing of the past. Parents and grandparents may like neutral and light colors – classic and excellent to provide more space. But then, the modern style takes it to another level and brings the dark side in.

The problem with dark color tones is that most of them are cold. You step into a new home, and the more modern it seems to be, the colder it becomes. It does not necessarily have to be this way, though. Here are some cool ideas to give your home a cozy look while using dark colors.

Silvery dark gray can also be warm

Silvery dark gray is similar to classic gray, but much darker – besides, there are no other nuances. The style may look a bit industrial, but it will also give your room a luxurious appearance. This color can be considered a classic, but also a cold option.

To make it cozy and warmer, simply opt for a bit of gloss in the finish. It will give your room a stylish fresh taste. Forget about pairing it with white – classic cold scenario. Instead, opt for some warm brown tones – dark brown, of course.

For example, the sofa could be dark brown. You can also opt for some walnut internal doors in the same color. The point is to break the gray with all sorts of accents – perhaps the flooring too, not to mention a table or a rug.

Dark petrol blue is both cold and warm

Dark petrol blue can be described as a regular intensity gray with blue hues. It is close to charcoal, but with a blueish nuance. If you think about it, it is quite modern and likely to provide a darker experience, but the interesting part is that it does not feel too cold.

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To ensure everything is warm and feels like a whole, the whole room must go in this nuance. Paint the ceiling as well, not to mention doors and most accessories in your house. Obviously, the idea is even better if you do it from scratch, rather than adapt it later on.

There is a common idea to keep ceilings white because they appear a bit taller. Forget about it; while they may seem taller, they will not match the dark petrol blue of your walls and doors. Having your room look like a whole is a much better idea to come up with a cozy design.

Black and gold for opulence

You just cannot go darker than black – however, this option works well with dark gray as well if you want a lighter feel. Now, pure black is cold, so to get a cozy feel, you need to break it with some colorful accents.

Gold is a great choice, especially if you like luxury and opulence. Sometimes, black and gold may even give you a goth style. The mix is great if you like both old school and modern designs because you have a bit of everything.

For example, you can break the dark walls with a gold mirror or perhaps a nicely ornate chandelier. This style works well with modern furniture, and despite modern-looking cold, the combo will look comfy and cozy.

Dark green is a trend

Dark green may seem a bit of a trend these days. It is not unusual at all, and most people would rather associate it with a vintage style. This is not really the case if you look up dark green living rooms and bedrooms – you can see they can be quite modern as well.

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Dark green – along with olive or perhaps sage – is more common than gray these days and can seriously change your mood and make you feel cozy. Opt for dark green walls and doors, then break it with pale colors in terms of furniture.

For instance, light pink or pale yellow will work well with the vibrant velvety green. Indeed, the final result is not as intense as charcoal or black, but it definitely adds some style and depth to your room. After all, cozy is often associated with vintage.

Classic brown will never die

Brown will never die, and dark brown will give you a sober, yet cozy experience. Dark brown is vintage and classic – it is a bit difficult to adapt to a modern style room, but it can work wonders if you get the right furniture and accessories.

Dark brown is cozy if you break it with more intense colors. For example, you could have dark brown furniture – including the sofa – or walls. You can also get dark brown doors to match the overall décor. Then, you need to break it down.

Get a red rug, for instance. Get some dark and sober paintings with red frames. Red seems to be the ideal choice when it comes to brown, but a more intense nuance of green can be just as attractive once you are done.


As a short final conclusion, dark is considered to be modern. But then, if you have ever visited a castle or perhaps one of those royal houses, you have probably noticed that rooms have a dark appearance, mostly in the walls – they are most commonly based on dark brown.

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With all these, they do feel cozy and comfortable. In general, dark colors are associated with a cold modern style, but mixing them accordingly will give you the best cozy experience. It is essential to rely on energizing and crisp dark colors.

For instance, glossy finishes are great on trims or perhaps ceilings. Small architectural details often make the difference. While pale and washed-out colors can be effective too, the truth is exaggerating with such a design will make your room feel a bit dull and boring – it feels like there is no character in there.

Instead, stick to interesting and fresh dark colors and make sure you break them with bold accents. Also, make sure to pay attention to details that can enhance darkness without too much work – such as new doors or perhaps painting frames.