In recent years, Instagram has become the go to place for interior decor inspiration, showcasing some of the most popular global trends from cosy Scandinavian hygge to minimalist Chinese feng shui.

By looking at Instagram hashtags for each international style, Blooming Artificial, one of the UK’s leading retailers of artificial plants, flowers and trees, has created a map of the world visualizing which of these trends are the most, and the least, popular.

1. Scandinavian Hygge

A Danish concept emphasizing cosiness, togetherness and wellbeing, it is no wonder that hygge tops the list of the most-Instagrammed décor trends. With more than 8.2 million posts on Instagram and a 407% increase in Google searches in the past five years, the hygge trend doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

To incorporate this trend into your own home, opt for muted color schemes, natural materials and layered lighting to create a relaxing, cosy atmosphere. For the winter months, don’t forget to bring in lots of blankets and cushions, as well as some extra candles, for an extra homey feel.

2. American Mid-Century Modern

Emerging in the twentieth century, mid-century modern is a classic interior trend that will never go out of style. Generating over 7 million Instagram posts and seeing an 84% increase in Google searches since this time last year, interest in this global trend only appears to be growing.

With an emphasis on simplicity and functionality, important features of this trend include lots of streamlined wooden furniture and comfortable seating in luxurious materials such as velvet or leather. When it comes to color schemes, go for light hues such as off-white and neutral shades for walls and contrast this with boldly colored art and furniture. Another important feature is the use of leafy plants such as fiddle leaf figs or rubber plants to add a finishing touch and an extra statement.

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3. French Art Deco

Popularized in the 1920s, French Art Deco continues to be loved by interior design enthusiasts across the globe thanks to its glamointerrous features. With 4.4 million posts on Instagram, this trend is consistently being adapted to fit our modern-day tastes.

For a contemporary take on French Art Deco, opt for rich color schemes from deep navy to emerald green and contrast this with lots of shiny, metallic furnishings. For extra style points, try incorporating geometric shapes into the look, for example on a patterned rug or pillow. Palm trees are also a distinguishing feature for Art Deco interiors, adding an extra tropical, luxurious feel.

4. Chinese Feng Shui

An ancient Chinese philosophy concerned with balance and harmony, feng shui interiors are all about creating balance, harmony and positive energy. An increasingly popular trend, feng shui has generated around 1.45 million posts on Instagram whilst specific searches for ‘feng shui bedroom’ and ‘feng shui living room’ are up 83% in the past two years.

To incorporate this trend into your home, opt for soft lines, a neutral color scheme and plants intended to bring good luck and fortune such as orchids and money trees. It is also important to make sure that your furniture is proportionate and in the right place to encourage relaxation and energy flow. For example, bed headboards should rest against a solid wall and be facing, but not in line with, your bedroom door.

5. Japanese Wabi Sabi

Another Eastern style that encourages wellness and positivity, wabi sabi is a Japanese way of thought that encourages the acceptance of imperfection. With around 1 million posts on Instagram, this trend is expected to grow even more in popularity throughout 2021.

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To apply this concept to interior design, opt for earthy tones, organic materials and distressed furniture for a laid back, authentic look. Some linen cushion covers, handmade vases, leafy plants in distressed pots and a rattan rug are the type of accessories you should be looking for.

How are our interior design preferences changing?

After spending more time at home than ever before in 2020, minimalist styles inspired by nature, such as feng shui and wabi sabi, are growing in popularity as we look to create clutter free spaces filled with organic textures and plenty of greenery. These styles not only encourage wellbeing and clarity but are also great for home workers looking to create a peaceful working environment.

On the other hand, notoriously busier styles such as classical British country decor appears to be declining in popularity with Google searches for ‘country style interior’ down 22% in the past year.

What to expect for 2021

Looking forward, interiors will continue to focus on promoting wellness and positivity by adopting muted, neutral colors, soft lines, natural textures and lots of mood-boosting greenery. For those interested in a more eclectic style, deeper hues and gold metal details, inspired by the Art Deco trend, are great options to keep things looking glamorous and modern.

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