How Our Generation Can Build Mental Grit

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Compared to previous generations we are more aware of the importance of prioritizing our mental wellbeing. We understand that we need to build mental grit and resilience so that we can respond to the challenges we face. These challenges can be work related or can involve our personal lives. Many employers are starting to realize the importance of mental health and provide support networks we can use if we are struggling. 

The Impact of Work on Our Mental Health 

What a workplace looks like has changed over the years. Past generations found a job and typically stayed until they retired with a nice pension. This pattern has changed for our generation. Today we often end up switching entire career paths every few years. This means that we are dealing with increased levels of career uncertainty which is negatively impacting our mental health.

This in turn is changing how employers fundamentally relate to employees. Employers are improving employee mental health in the workplace by creating support networks. Employers are also finding if they understand our mental health challenges, we are more loyal workers and experience less burnout. If we are provided with support and a good work-life balance, we are much less likely to leave in droves. 

Holistic Employee Programs

Employers are getting creative when it comes to providing holistic care to employees. Some employers provide various mental health programs for the workplace such as free or low-cost therapy or intentional PTO for mental health. Some employers focus on formal mental health first aid training for all employees. Some businesses focus on self-care and stress reduction by providing free yoga classes or massages. If we work somewhere that provides these benefits, there is no reason not to take full advantage of them. We feel better and create high level work if we take advantage of all the resources available to us. Together such offerings help create a work environment where we feel safe to be ourselves.

Taking Care of Our Mental Health at Home

While employers are starting to take our mental health more seriously, our mental health does not end when we leave work for the day. This is especially true as many of us are working from home. There are various habits we can develop which can help us take care of our own mental health. We can work to get into good sleeping habits and make sure we are eating a healthy and balanced diet. We can also take the time to reflect on our lives and see where we are thriving and where we are struggling. Sometimes the best thing for our mental health is simply knowing when we need to reach out for support.

Developing Our Mental Grit

To develop our mental grit, it is important that we prioritize self-care. Self-care is important to maintaining a healthy relationship with ourselves. Self-care looks like doing things for our minds, bodies, and souls. We all can engage in activities that promote our well-being and reduce our stress levels. This could look like journaling, talking to a therapist, or going to a weekly fitness class. If we focus on self-care, we can better respond when we find ourselves in the middle of a period of depression, stress, or anxiety. Being able to respond when things feel like they are out of control is a sign of having mental grit. 

Our mental grit is our ability to respond to the challenges we face in life. Many of us are finding that our employers offer programs to help us increase our mental wellness. This is in part because businesses know if they don’t do so they will face ever increasing staff shortages. While it is good that our employers are starting this process it is also important that we take responsibility for our own mental health. 

We will always know best when it comes to identifying when we are struggling and need to refocus on maintaining health habits. If we work on our mental health and take advantage of the programs offered to us by our employers, we can reduce our stress levels and decrease the likelihood we will experience burnout. It is great that our generation is working hard to prioritize our mental wellness.

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Written by Taryn Barnes

Taryn Barnes is a freelance writer and blogger obsessed with HR, Millennial culture, work life balance, and all things tech.

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