Leaving a good impression the morning after a great date can be simple. Consider showing how you feel by expressing your feelings somehow, without overdoing it of course. Here are a few ways you can try this out.

Text Back

Texting someone back, even if it’s only to be friendly, is the right thing to do. Remember, you aren’t making a commitment. Be positive and enjoy yourself, because dating someone you’re actually interested in should be an exciting experience. Texting can be a useful form of communication after a date, especially if you’re reserved. Just be yourself, and allow the other person to do the same.

Have Exceptional Manners

Whether you’re a male or a female, you can respect yourself and treat others with respect. If you choose to see the person or are only communicating by text message, be polite without being too perfect. You want to make sure that you let your date know that you had a great time the night before. Use emoji’s as emotional grammar to let them know what you are feeling. If you want to meet again you can offer an idea for an activity or get tickets yourself. You can have an equalitarian relationship instead of waiting for them to decipher clues.

Send a Doordash Breakfast

Using Doordash means you won’t have to get up early, and pick up a meal yourself. The company’s mission is to deliver food as efficiently as possible. If it seems too early to send breakfast, you still might be able to find a 24 hour diner to order from. Your date is likely to be grateful for the free meal you provide. Giving off a positive impression can motivate the other person to desire another date.

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Send a Gift

You may either bring a gift or send one through a delivery service. This can be something traditional or maybe even fun. Consider sending flowers, a handwritten note or a card. Besides this, you can include a handmade item. This might be a basket of cookies, paper roses, a drawing or something else. Sending a gift that’s too personal is likely inappropriate at this time.

Genuinely treating others with kindness and respect is a smart way to gain real friends or find love. But if you don’t receive the same treatment in return, find someone who truly appreciates you. Love can be complicated, but continue to be yourself, and you’re more likely to find the right person for you.