There are so many ways to modernize your home. Even just a slight upgrade to your paint, kitchen utensils, TV, or other technology can make your home feel new again. There are also ways to make your home look super modern by upgrading a few key pieces of furniture.

Furniture and accessory designers are innovating all the time. That’s why there are always so many new, cool options for amazing new furniture design ideas. In this article, you will find a few new furniture design ideas that you are going to absolutely love. If you’re in the market for an upgrade or a bit of redecorating, read on for some great ideas to help you upgrade your home.

Cool Cushions

Cushions, pillows and throws have been around for a long time, sure. But, they are always changing. New designs, new materials, and new ideas are constantly being put out. Take a look around any good cushion store and you’ll see how much variety there is. In fact, it can make it even harder to know what style to buy when you see just how much choice there is when it comes to throws and cushions for your bedding and sofa.

The great thing about using throws and cushions is that they can completely change the feel of a room. Using the right materials and colours means you can either completely contrast or complement the decoration and design of the room. Your bed throw could completely change the feel by being a bright, bold, satin choice. Or, you can tie it into the rest of the room by making it neatly match the painting and decorating. The choices and possibilities are endless.

Slick Sofas

Though they have been a staple of our furniture for many years, the sofa is constantly changing in style and design. If you look back just a few years, the more classically common sofas were designs such as the settee and the cabriole. They were used for decades before people started innovating and creating new designs. Nowadays, these pieces can look very dated – especially if you are trying to modernize your home.

Instead, you can opt for one of the more modern, cool sofa designs. Most of these are called mid-century sofas, with lower profile armrests and boxy shapes. These – again with great cushions – can make a room feel so bright, modern, and slick. What’s even better is that plenty of them are designed with comfort and practicality in mind, with under-seat storage, pull-out beds and more. So you can have the coolest sofa in the land while also using it for great practical uses. Who knew a modern sofa could do so much?

Brilliant Beds

We all love a comfy bed. A place to rest our head, a place to dream. But, your choice of bed can do a lot for your room, too! Once again, if you look back at metal, grand, four-poster beds, you just see the past. These kinds of beds simply don’t suit a cool, modern home.

Instead, beds are once again places you can be innovative. Most modern bed frames are made of wood as opposed to metal, while the shape can be pretty much anything you like! Of course, you need to fit on it and have a comfy mattress, but the flow, size, and shape can change a lot. Many modern bed frames come as one solid piece of wood, have a much lower profile, or have built-in storage or shelving. Your bed can be more than just a place to rest your head.

Crazy Chairs

In recent years, modern woodworkers and carpenters have started to create chairs that look like they’d be at home in a modern art museum! This is not a bad thing. Think bendy wooden chairs steamed from one solid sheet of pine or the egg-shaped chair that has been slowly growing in popularity over a few decades. Chairs no longer have to be four-legged, straight-backed pieces of wood or plastic. They can be moulded, steamed, bent and hand-carved pieces of just about anything. You can make your front room or even dining room a more interesting experience with some crazy chairs.

With these few additions of modern, new-look furniture, you’ll be able to bring your home forward leaps and bounds in terms of feel, design, style, and look. These new styles of bed, chair, sofa and cushions can completely transform a home from feeling dated and tired to feeling completely brand new. Choose wisely, and choose what’s right for you, you’ll love upgrading your home with new modern furniture designs.