Entertaining at home is a great way of spending time with family and friends without going to the expense and hassle of having to go out. Garden entertaining is particularly popular during the summer because it means you can enjoy soaking up the sunshine and having fun with your loved ones in the comfort of your own home.

If you want to arrange a garden event with a real summery twist, one thing you can do is host a summer cocktail party where you can set up a cocktail station in the garden and create all sorts of weird and wonderful cocktails for your guests to enjoy. This is a wonderful way to let your friends and family get a glimpse of your creativity while also fine turning your cocktail making skills.

Do your research and create a cocktail menu

One thing you can to add a really novel twist to your party is to create a cocktail menu for your guests to peruse. Of course, you will need to do some research into the types of cocktails you want to make so that you can add them to your menu. Look for cocktails that are not too complicated but can still pack a punch in terms of taste and color. For instance, cocktails containing grapefruit infused vodka make for a really refreshing and cooling summer cocktail that will delight your guests.

When creating your cocktail menu, make sure you do add a brief description of each of the cocktails that are contained on it so people know what each one contains. Some people may not like a particular spirit or mixer so if they can see exactly what the drink contains they can choose their beverage accordingly. In addition to this, it makes your cocktail menu look far more authentic and professional, which is just what you need to aim for.

Another thing to do with your cocktail menu is have a separate section for non-alcoholic and children’s cocktails, both of which should make an appearance on the menu. Remember, not everyone will be drinking alcohol so you need to ensure you have some virgin cocktail recipes on there as well as some fun and colorful additions for the kids that may be coming to visit.

In addition to researching cocktail themselves, it is also well worth doing some research into how best to present and decorate your cocktails. As anyone that has ever been to a cocktail bar will know, presentation can make a big difference. You will be surprised at just how easily you can add color and decorative value to your cocktails with steps as simple as throwing in some frozen raspberries or frosting the rim of the cocktail glass that you serve the drink up in.

All in all, with a little research and perhaps a lot of practice, you can pull off the perfect creative cocktail garden party with an exciting menu that has something for everyone to enjoy.