Online dating isn’t anything new, but its popularity is. Before Tinder’s launch in 2013, less than 11 million people used online dating sites or apps. Almost a decade later, 52 million users are active in the online dating scene, and there’s no sign that this upward trend is slowing down.

The popularity of online dating apps is due mainly to the many advantages that come with the convenience and accessibility the internet provides. At the same time, some of online dating’s strengths can also be seen as weaknesses depending on your age, gender, and preferences.

If you want to try online dating for yourself, it’s vital to know the pros and cons of the format. That way, you can come to an informed decision of whether or not you want to participate.

The 5 Pros of Online Dating Websites and Apps

Online dating websites and apps can be the perfect place to meet new people and explore your preferences. 

Here are 5 reasons you should date online, whether it’s your first or tenth time.

Pro #1: A Broader Dating Pool 

The best thing about online dating websites and apps is their ability to match you with thousands of potential life partners you otherwise wouldn’t meet. Plus, there are plenty of totally free online dating sites you can try, ensuring your dating pool isn’t limited by your finances. 

In terms of free dating sites and apps, people often use them simply to try them out without any commitment to the process. However with paid dating sites, you can expect matches to take their memberships more seriously and the service will provide you search tools to filter individuals based on your specific preferences such as people who are “non-smokers” or in a specific age range. If you’re interested in learning about the subscription fees, discounts and free versions simply search phrases such as “Hinge pricing,” “How much is eHarmony ,” “OKCupid discount codes” on Google.

Pro #2: Online Dating is Convenient 

Before online dating, singles had to leave their home to find a date. But not everyone has the time to meet total strangers in person. With online dating, you can talk to anyone anywhere at any time. Not only is this convenient, but it also makes dating safer for women and minorities. 

Pro #3: Good Option for Shy People

It can be really hard to meet people when we’re shy, and it isn’t just because it’s harder to strike up a conversation. Shy people may be afraid of saying the wrong thing or being too guarded, but online dating can help you build confidence and feel more relaxed when talking to strangers.

Pro #4: More Likely to Find Your Match

Long-term relationships are based on excitement, shared values, and a similar belief system. If you’re afraid to share your wants and needs within the local dating scene or you’re unable to find someone who thinks similarly to you, online dating can match you with like-minded people.

Pro #5: Creates a Rejection Buffer

The fear of rejection or the anger that may follow after a rejection may deter you from dating. No one likes to be rejected, but it’s essential to be mature about it. While online dating can lower the fear of rejection, it can also protect those who may be at the other end of the rejected party.

The 5 Cons of Online Dating Websites and Apps

With all the positives online dating can bring, there are also negatives that may make you avoid the internet when looking for love. Here are 5 reasons why online dating may not be for you.

Con #1: It Can be Hard to Connect

Most of us aren’t sure what we want in a partner, which is why singles should explore their preferences before making a commitment. But even when you do know what you want, you may be using a dating app that puts too much emphasis on physical attributes rather than values.

Con #2: Profiles Won’t Tell You Everything

Even when a match is being completely transparent and honest, a dating profile won’t tell you everything. Qualities like empathy, chemistry, and compassion are difficult to assess from a picture or a couple of words on a page. Always meet your match in person before committing. 

Con #3: Focus is on Physical Attractiveness

Just like in real life, you’ll receive more matches if you’re conventionally attractive. Unlike real life, it’s difficult to highlight aspects of your life and personality on a dating site. To pass this barrier, you also have to care less about a person’s looks while avoiding shallow matches.

Con #4: It’s Easier to Lie on the Internet

Although lying is a hated aspect of online dating, 57% of people will lie about their age, body, location, availability, relationship status, job, or income. While you won’t always know if a person is lying, you should be clear that you don’t tolerate this behavior to avoid getting catfished.

Con #5: Online Dating Can be Dangerous

Lying to get a date is a cultural no-no, but many women and other minorities will intentionally conceal aspects of who they are to protect themselves. Scammers, trickers, and criminals can be found on online dating sites, so take the proper precautions to keep yourself safe.

In Conclusion…

Online dating websites and apps give you the chance to meet people without leaving your home, but the internet makes it easier for matches to lie. If you take the steps to protect yourself, as you would when dating in person, you’ll have a positive online dating experience.