Homeowners with a crawl space may choose to vent it or encapsulate it. Doing so comes with many benefits. When moisture enters the open area, it can cause severe damage to your home. You may have problems with air quality, mold, and utility bills if moisture persists. Encapsulation of the crawl space can also reduce structural damage and keep the temperature more comfortable in your home.

Cleaner Air

Crawl space encapsulation can decrease humidity in your home. When moisture gets into the area, humid air moves up into your home. This can make the temperature in your home uncomfortable. You may turn on fans or turn the air conditioning up to combat the humidity and heat. This can significantly raise your electric bills, as well. If you notice sudden humidity in your home, the crawl space may already have moisture damage. Encapsulate this opening to prevent expensive damage. 

Prevents Mold 

Moisture in your crawl space can cause mold to grow. This can spread fast, resulting in an unhealthy environment for you and your family. Many people have adverse reactions to mold. You may notice watery eyes, a runny nose, and frequent headaches. When mold takes over your home, you may have expensive repair and removal costs. 


Pests can become an ongoing problem if you have moisture or standing water in your crawl space. Mosquitoes like to breed in standing water. You may have swarms of mosquitoes near your home until the water gets removed. Other insects and rodents also look for water to survive. If a breach offers a steady supply of water, you may get an infestation of pests. When you encapsulate your crawl space, water does not accumulate and pests can’t get in. 

Limits Structural Damage

Moisture leaves the wooden support structure of your home at risk. Eventually wood begins to rot with long-term water exposure. This can render your home unsafe, as the beams that support your home may become weak. You may notice cracks in your walls or floors as the home shifts due to failing wooden beams. Floors may feel spongy or uneven. If your floors begin to rot, they can become dangerous to walk on, as well. 

Value of Your Home

Homeowners must maintain and update their home to keep the appraisal value high. When moisture damage happens, it lowers the home’s value and makes it harder to sell. Encapsulating the crawl space can prevent damage that may drop the value of your home. If you plan to sell the home, new buyers may also appreciate the preventative measures. 

Consider encapsulating your crawl space so you can have a comfortable and healthy home. Proper care can also help preserve the structure of  your home. Water damage causes mold, rotting wood, and high humidity. Your electric bills may drop after you enclose the area. Take the time to get a proper inspection before you encapsulate your crawl space, as well. Check for moisture damage and have repairs done before sealing the space. Talk to a professional today about the benefits of crawl space encapsulation.