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The most difficult period during your college years is finals week. At first, it seems the exams are still far away, and there is a lot of time to prepare. Then there is a certainty that there is nothing complicated and everything can be learned in one all-nighter. But, the closer the finals are, the more panic begins to advance.

During this period, students try to remember everything from the past semester and try to learn everything they didn’t before in the shortest time possible. They often forget about rest. The most dangerous study habit is not letting yourself and your brain relax. When this happens, we get even more tired and get even less productive.

It is especially difficult for STEM students. In this case, some services can help quickly understand the material and complete homework. For example, EssayPro offers physics help to all that need it. This way, you don’t waste time on textbooks and can take your mind off finals. Then you will have a free couple of hours to relax.

Watch a Movie to Relax

We recommend watching a movie to rest your brain. This will help distract you from thinking and give you a break from studying. It’s best if the plot isn’t difficult and cheers you up. Comedy or cartoons are best. Below, we compiled our list of films that you can watch to relax.

The Intern (2015)

The film tells the story of Ben Whitaker, who is bored with his retired life. Retirement is not the end of a productive life but the opportunity to start something new. After successfully passing the interview, he becomes a senior intern in an online fashion store. The movie has wonderful actors, and a funny plot will help you to relax and recharge to get into a good mood. This comedy is definitely worthy of your attention.

Love, Rosie (2014)

A comedy based on the book by the Irish writer Cecilia Ahern about the distanced relationships between two characters. Rosie and Alex have been friends since childhood. They had joint plans and dreams, but fate decreed otherwise when they moved to different places. However, this didn’t stop the characters from meeting again and finding ways to their happiness.

Wish Dragon (2021)

The best way to distract yourself and return to childhood is to watch this wonderful new cartoon. Netflix presented us a story about a guy who accidentally freed a pink dragon from a teapot. Now he has to grant the man 3 wishes. The dragon has been imprisoned for many centuries and now he is terribly interested in how the world has changed.

How to Lose a Boyfriend in 10 Days (2003)

Early 2000s comedies never get boring. A simple plot can easily take your mind off exams and create a pleasant atmosphere. Journalist Andy Anderson is tasked with writing an article on what a woman can do to get rid of guys. She has 10 days to make a guy fall in love with her and leave him. This is how she meets Benjamin, who needs to do the exact opposite. How will this all end? Watch to find out.

Red Notice (2021)

The film has been recently released, and it has already gained a huge number of positive reviews. This gripping action comedy tells the story of the adventures of a famous thief and the best agent of Interpol. To catch a more dangerous criminal, they have to work together. They overcome obstacles and build friendships on the way to their goal. So who will win in the end?

Monte Carlo (2011)

Great comedy for girls to watch in between studies. It is a story about 3 girls who came to Paris after years of dreaming about it. But the vacation was not as pleasant as they had planned. But everything changes when one of them is mistaken for a rich heiress.

Friends with Benefits (2011)

Jamie and Dylan met in New York after they parted ways with their partners. Together, they came up with a plan to never get into relations again. They don’t want to spend their evenings alone, so they agree to relationships that are limited to bed only. No dates, no kisses, no flowers. The maximum is a friendly lunch. Do you believe they can do it?

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

Girls, how often do you lose your restraints seeing a beautiful bag or fancy shoes and make rash purchases? Rebecca Bloomwood doesn’t know how to control her impulses to buy “necessary” things. All this leads to financial difficulties because of increased credit limits. This adaptation of a novel can really make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Accepted (2006)

Do you remember how nervous you were before going to college? It’s dreadful and scary but very exciting. The characters in this movie got declined from every college but couldn’t admit it to their parents. Their solution is to create their own college. All they need to do is make a website. But who knew that there would be so many people willing to study in a non-existent college?

The film reveals the problem of students who don’t have the opportunity to discover and realize their potential because of the flawed education system. So they decide to fight it on their own.

Second Act (2019)

The main character of the film, played by J.Lo, is ready to prove that a prestigious education is not so important for an ideal career. Persistence, creativity, quick wits, and a positive attitude are the keys to success.

A terrible team, a small salary, and conflicting orders from her superiors couldn’t break Maya’s faith that she could achieve what she always wanted. No matter the cost. She lies to get a new job, and she is ready to prove to the new boss that she deserves more.


Here’s a list of the best movies you need to watch to switch off your brain. Studying is important, but when you neglect proper rest between tasks, you won’t be productive. Take a couple of hours off right now and return to your studies with renewed vigor.

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Written by Brooke Nierling

Passionate blogger, travel enthusiast and Beagle lover looking to add a bit of beauty and kindness to our world.

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