US Millennials are turning away from shopping in physical stores. With 60% of Millennials saying they prefer to shop online, this trend seems set to continue as Gen Z also follows suit and moves away from traditional shopping methods.

The US isn’t the only country seeing this trend, and across the world, more and more people are doing their shopping from the comfort of their own homes and bypassing retail outlets altogether. If you are already offering to ship from an e-commerce store, then mixing it up to provide international shipping could be the next logical step for your outlet.

But what are the benefits of offering international shipping?

More Customers

For some businesses, limiting your reach to your geographic location works. For example, meal subscription services and clothing rental companies do well in the domestic market, but many eCommerce businesses lose sales and customer connections simply because they do not ship internationally. Choosing a leading customs broker will typically assist you in navigating the complexities of international shipping, allowing you to expand your business more efficiently. This enables you to reach more customers and grow your business on a global scale.

Increase Visibility

Shipping internationally is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility and footprint, in addition to reaching more people. While each business is unique and should conduct research to determine feasibility, some eCommerce businesses may be thrilled to discover that their products are in high demand in other parts of the world. In many cases, a small, primarily unknown brand in the United States can become a major player in another country by meeting a demand that locals have not met. 

Improve Sales of Seasonal Demand

As the Northern and Southern Hemispheres move from season to season, you can benefit from increased seasonal sales. For example, Australia moves into winter when the US is in its summer.

Avoid Oversaturation

If you find that stocking significant trends in fashion, toys, or homewares, for example, dies off as one country reaches saturation, then shifting to an international market can help you shift stock you might otherwise be stuck with. Trends come and go, but they pass through different countries at different times, and thanks to social media, the market has the possibility of exploding for certain products almost instantly. Capitalize on this by offering to ship all over the world.

Fewer Returns

Customers from other countries are less likely to return their purchases. This is because shipping and delivery times are naturally longer, and they may be subject to customs charges at the border. These factors alone prevent them from making returns. On the other hand, customers are unlikely to buy from you in the first place if they are unsure of what they will receive. When listing products on your website, make sure to follow eCommerce best practices to reduce returns and keep your customers happy. A negative review is more damaging than a return.

It is crucial that you look into the best international shipping practices to make sure you offer the best services to your customers regardless of what or how much they purchase from you.