What are the Best Colored Pencils for Children

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Colored pencil is a popular writing tool for children, few children can be found who are not interested in drawing and coloring. But what kind of pencils or crayons are suitable for children and what is the best brand of colored pencils for children is a question that most parents face.

You should know that there are many types of pencils and crayons that children need to know exactly. In terms of functionality, the best coloured pencils are divided into two types, professional and student, so if you are planning to provide a colored pencil for your child, it is better to consider its use.

Professional and semi-professional colored pencils

These pencils are usually of very high quality in terms of ingredients and color coverage, the pigments in these pencils are very strong and cover the surface of the paper well, the color of these pencils is often opaque and you do not need to paint with them. Do not apply too much pressure to the pencil on the surface of the paper.

These pencils are usually used on special surfaces of paper or cardboard and very famous brands produce and market these pencils in various color ranges, for example, Kooh I Noor, Picasso, Faber Castell and Crayola brand pencils. The price of professional pencils is higher than regular ones.

Given the characteristics of professional pencils, you will find that they are usually not a good choice for children, unless your child is taking drawing lessons and needs these colored pencils.

Student colored pencils

These pencils, also called amateur or student pencils, are the same ones that can be found with different brands in every stationery store such as Office Corporate stationery shop. These pencils also have different types in terms of manufacturing quality and production, which causes The quality of painting with them can be subject to the same differences, while they also have a different color range, you can make these pencils from 6 colors to more than 100 colors.

Now it is time to introduce you to the best pencils, as we said, there are many brands that produce crayons for children.

Faber Castell pencils

This famous brand of stationery produces different colored pencils, including student and professional pencils, polychrome colored pencils, classic colored pencils and watercolor colored pencils are among the professional pencils of this famous brand. These pencils are packed in metal and cardboard boxes and can be produced in different color ranges from 6 colors to more than 100 colors.

Winsor crayons

One of the best brands of crayons is Winsor. This brand has a very good color variety, has good resistance and does not break easily, the boxes of this brand are usually metal and have good strength.

Persima Color

This brand is also one of the leaders in the field of stationery and colored pencils. Prisma Color variation includes more than 150 colors. They have good color quality and the ability to combine colors in this brand is very high.

Picasso pencils

In terms of quality, these pencils are very similar to Faber Castell pencils, the only difference being their performance on professional paper. However, Picasso pencils cost less than Faber Castell and can be a good option for children.

Staedler pencils

Few people have not experienced Staedler pencils. This German brand produces high quality pencils that are very soft and have a good color coverage, and at the same time their resistance to breakage is very high.

The colored pencils that are chosen for children do not need to be professional unless your child is learning to draw, in which case you can also use semi-professional pencils in the appropriate color ranges.

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Written by Dallas Dorrall

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