Moving to live in a new country is quintessentially starting a new life with new and brighter opportunities for you and your loved ones. By all definitions, it is a big step that requires a lot of planning, preparations, and mental fortitude. The last part is a personal matter which you’ll have to deal with by yourself, however, being prepared and having an idea of what to do once you’re there will help lessen the anxiety and stress over leaving your home and friends to start something new. Here are some important things to accomplish before you embark on your journey:

1. Resident Visa

Most, if not all countries, require expats to apply for a resident visa or permanent residency visa to be allowed to come and go freely and work in their country. Different countries will have different requirements, one advice on applying for a Singapore permanent residence, which pretty much applies to a whole lot of countries, is that you do your research about what to prepare and the qualifications to be afforded a resident visa. Many of these countries take months to process this type of visa so it would be an advantage if you already have a working visa so you can have a head start and make preparations for your family for when they come.

So before you book a ticket and plan to sell your belongings, make sure you get the visa first.

2. Health Insurance

Many countries require you to procure health coverage along with your visa application. The insurance covers you and the people coming along with you and is an important component of your immigration. It protects you from any financial implications if you or your loved ones get into a medical emergency while you’re there, particularly in the early stages of your stay.

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It’s also a good idea to make use of your insurance at home to get all the necessary medical check-ups so that you’ll know you’re leaving the country in good health. You might also want to stack up on your medicines or at the very least get a prescription so that you can show the doctor or pharmacy of the country you’re going to get you a refill once you run out.

3. Your Money to their Money

Money is money, so make sure you have enough to help you get around in the first few months of your stay. Once you got your visa and plane ticket squared away, you can sell some of your stuff, starting with your clothes and toys that you won’t bring to help you shore up some additional cash for your trip. You’ll want to organize and sell them a month away from your trip. If you can afford to live without some luxuries for a few days before you leave, it’s worth it as long you’re able to convert those items into money. You’re not going to need your local cash for too long so you may want to convert them to US dollars (if you’re not from the USA) or to their local currency and put the rest in the bank.

There are still a lot of things to sort out before you leave, but it can be easy to spot them once you’re ready. Make sure you double-check everything from your plane tickets, to your accommodations when you arrive. It can be challenging as well as exciting that everything you have is packed neatly in your suitcase and that’s all you need to begin a new chapter in your life in a place you’ll soon call home.

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