With the gradual easing of restrictions related to the Coronavirus, many countries have reopened their borders to international tourism, allowing millions of people around the world to throw themselves back into the lively whirlwind of travel from one end of the earth to the other.

Having regained a freedom that seemed to have been completely lost due to the numerous lockdowns and strict measures imposed by governments to deal with the emergency, people have begun to feel a strong desire to visit exciting places abroad. Many continue to travel in the company of a partner or friend, while some have begun to experience for the first time the pleasure of traveling alone, without fear.

For European tourists, the most easily reachable destinations in this delicate historical phase – in which heavy limitations for foreigners continue to remain in many countries – are those that are part of the European Union. Here, travelers can’t move quite as easily, even if they have a valid Green Pass (some countries, in any case, continue to ask to show a negative test upon arrival).

The more adventurous have also tried to go further afield, attempting to measure themselves with a trip to Asia or Africa, while the Americas still represent an extremely popular destination for a surprising number of people.

A pearl in the Persian Gulf

An area of the globe that certainly deserves more consideration, in terms of tourism, is the Middle East, especially those small countries such as Kuwait, within which it is possible to find real treasures to discover and enjoy intensely. If you decide to visit Kuwait for your next trip, in addition to keeping up to date on the health documents to be presented at the entrance, you should certainly take the time to visit its capital, Kuwait City, a metropolis with nearly 4 million inhabitants that is one of the pearls of the Persian Gulf and the beating heart of an entire nation.

Souq Mubarakiya

To experience the purest essence of the nation, we suggest you visit the Souq Mubarakiya, where you can find practically anything: from spices to clothes, from small objects to souvenirs, in an extremely exciting and suggestive atmosphere that will leave you breathless. In this fabulous market, you will find Bedouin women selling their traditional eye make-up, as well as traditional clothes with flashy gold elements.

Tareq Rejab

A deep immersion in the local culture can also be found at the Tareq Rejab museum, where some important Arabic manuscripts are preserved as well as a whole assortment of clothes, jewels and necklaces belonging to the most authentic historical tradition of the Persian Gulf countries, especially Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The Grand Mosque

In Kuwait City you will also find more than 800 mosques. The most important is the Grand Mosque, an imposing building for the construction of which about $50 million were spent. Its courtyard has been adorned with some beautiful palm trees, while the interior has been embellished with fine marble and exquisite glass elements. Before entering the mosque, every woman will have to wear a veil and a long dress that can cover her entire body, from head to toe.

Three Towers of Kuwait

One of the most iconic points of the city is undoubtedly represented by the three towers of Kuwait, marked by a striking coating between green and blue that will immediately capture the eyes of every observer. On top of one of the three towers there is a luxurious restaurant, from which you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the entire city.

Scientific Center

If you’re looking for fun (especially if you have children with you), we recommend going to the Scientific Center, where you can find an aquarium and many interactive activities designed for children (and greatly appreciated by adults as well).

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A dip in the excitement of the Persian Gulf, after two very complicated years, could be the best way to start living again, banishing the ghosts of the global pandemic forever.