Creating a website is all well and good, but it’ll be pretty pointless if you don’t get anything in return for your work. Whether you’re simply looking to start up a side hustle, or whether you’re looking to supplement your small business, a website should probably be for more than just looking pretty and providing info! 

The idea of sitting around and creating a website in order to make money seems kind of strange initially, but then you realize that thousands of people all over the globe turn this kind of thing into a real career whereby a very, very healthy income is generated. As we’ve already stated, if you’re looking to create some success for yourself and/or a business you’ve conjured up, then a website is going to play a key part. 

It might seem a little tricky to begin with, but making a website and generating money from it is actually fairly straightforward compared to a lot of jobs in the new-age technology industry. Wanna know you can monetize a website of your creation? Well, read on.   


This is where the main source of income will come from for most websites. The mammoth sites of this world like Facebook and Twitter gain the money from them, and they receive an awful lot due to the amount of traffic they get. 

When you first start up a site, you’ll probably want to get yourself some Google Ads that are simply obtained for free. Little adverts that are related to your website are generated on your page(s). When someone clicks on the ad, you receive a small amount. Pretty straightforward, huh? It’s just a case of building up traffic yourself! A lot of the technical stuff is done for you these days, so you can get some Automating Google Ads with ease and let the brainboxes who programmed them do all the hard work!

Affiliate Schemes

This is very popular with blogs and people that start up sites hoping to get their written content noticed. Affiliate marketing is basically the practice of promoting a product or service and receive a commission if a sale is made. It’s so very simple: you write about a topic, product, or service, and provide a link for readers to follow. If they buy after using your link, then you’re paid because you’re the one that is pointing them in the right direction!

Create Content Behind A Paywall 

The majority of the stuff on your site will be free to view. It will obviously have to be that way because people won’t want to visit if they have to pay for the basics! If you create good enough content that attracts lots of eyes, however, you might want to create more detailed stuff and put it behind a paywall. If they like your free stuff, then they’ll love the exclusives! 

Sell Merchandise And Other Extras

If you get lots of visitors each month, then you might want to see if you can make a little extra by selling a few items. Not only would this get you more money, but you’ll also be getting your brand out there for more and more people to see. It doesn’t just have to be merchandise such as t-shirts and hats; you could also write an eBook or create an online course!