Every good golfer needs clubs, tees, and a golf bag. These are the essentials to properly play the game. However, a good golf bag has to be one of the most particular accessories to purchase. A proper golf bag can easily lead an amateur golfer to victory, or cause a professional into losing a game. This is because the golf bag holds all the keys so that a golfer can play with grace and style. 

Golf bags are also unique and individualized. They’re designed to serve half function and half identity.  Each bag is chosen to fit the assorted needs and preferences of the golfer. You’ll find plenty of manufacturers and brands like Ogio golf bags that offer the best possible experience while you’re on and off the course. 

Although even the most basic golf bags have standard features for comfort and ease, you also have to consider style, weight, and efficiency. For those reasons, here are 4 factors to consider when buying golf bags:


Type Of Bag


Just like there are different kinds of clubs for different kinds of shots, there are various kinds of golf bags too. Each one has its own purpose which can either help or hinder any golfer. 


Carry Bags


These golf bags are the lightest and easiest bags to carry on and off the course. They’re generally designed for the beginning or casual player who enjoys walking along the golf course. These kinds of bags have hardy shoulder straps to make carrying the bag less of a burden. 

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Stand bags


These bags are said to be the most versatile. They’re a bit heavier in weight than the standard carry bags. The convenient feature of this bag is that it has legs which keep all the equipment in an upright position and easily accessible. These stand bags can be used while walking around the course or riding in a golf cart. 


Cart bags 


Cart bags have a generous amount of space in them. There are lots of pockets too. Because of their design, they tend to weigh more. Cart bags are actually designed with a base that attaches to the golf cart. Usually competitive golfers use this bag type.  


Staff bags


Staff bags can also be called tour bags. With the most amount of storage, and dividers, and pockets, these golf bags are the most comprehensive. They also weigh the heaviest. These bags are perfect for that professional golfer who demands more items on the actual course.  


Travel bag


If you’re a golfer who wants to take your clubs wherever you go, you want a travel bag. These bags are made especially to protect your bags when you’re traveling. Made of heavier materials, such as a hard case, travel bags are essential for the golfer who are always on the go. 


Number of Dividers


The number of dividers in a golf bag refers to how many openings there are in the top. They can range from 1 to 15, and may or may not be full length. When the dividers are full length, they will extend to the very bottom of the bag. This can save you time and grief, because your clubs won’t become tangled while playing on the course. 

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Depending on whether you want less dividers for convenience, or more dividers for separation purposes, the choice is entirely up to you.  


Pockets and Features


Pockets are especially important in a good golf bag. Each one may have a specific purpose for your game. There are lined pockets to help protect your phone, and also insulated pockets to keep your beverage warm or cold. Larger pockets may be able to carry outerwear for those cold days on the course. 

Other features found on specialized golf bags may include a hood for the rain, a holder for your umbrella, or maybe even a towel ring. There are different additions to supplement your golf bag, depending on how much you’re willing to spend and what a manufacturer offers. 




None of these accommodations are beneficial if you don’t have a decent strap system on your golf bag. Generally, you’ll be grabbing your golf bag by its handles or its straps. Therefore, you need to consider how many you need of each. 

A good golf bag will come with a dual or single strap system, along with handles at the top and bottom. Pick a bag that has wide, well-padded straps. Make sure they’re adjustable to better fit your body. If you really want a great strap system, look into self-balancing straps. These will allow the straps to sit perfectly on your shoulders and keep your clubs tilted slightly for easier balance and accessibility. 


Whether walking about the golf course, or driving in a golf cart, the most essential thing to keep track of are your golf clubs. Keeping them in a reliable golf bag is vital for the success of your game. With all the great choices in the market, there is sure to be something designed with your body and your game in mind. 

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