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Spending some time at any prominent health and fitness club will make it apparent that most people do not know how to prepare their body for exercise by doing a proper dynamic warm-up. They just perform anything they believe is enough, if at all. Avoid wasting any of your preliminary training time on activities that do not yield any results. Sometimes, traditional warm-ups will tire you out even before beginning to train. People train for a number of reasons. They can do it to increase muscle mass, and enhance their athleticism by boosting their strength, speed, and power. When used properly, cypionate – an anabolic steroid – can help you achieve all this while enhancing your protein synthesis. Begin your day with the following alternative but effective warm-up exercises as you get ready for your workout.

Working on soft tissues

Going through the motions of standard foam-rolling might not yield the optimum results. If you want to reach your goals at the gym, while reducing the risk of getting muscle injuries, you need to work with the right soft tissue technique. Target the diagnostic trigger points during foam-rolling, and it will also boost your mobility potential. Once you find your trigger points, your warm-up should work on one area, taking an average of 1-2 minutes using a ball or a roller, before moving on to another. During your training, focus on how you can deal with the pain, increase your mobility and activity during exercise for more meaningful work.

Positional stretching

A cold chill runs down the spine of weightlifters and those training for strength at the thought of stretching during warm up. There is the myth that stretching will affect your performance, strength, and power negatively. However, this is not true. Remember, you will not be spending a lot of time holding stretches or stretching the same individual muscles. You will have to set your body in a starting position that grants you more stability. While in this position, you can create some internal tension in your entire body with ease. Include some oscillation so that the stretch occurs in the focus tissues. Take 35-40 seconds oscillating backward and forward, and another 15-30 seconds stretching. This will be controlled by the positioning of your body and muscular tension.

Corrective warm-up exercise

There is the belief that a workout or movement only counts if it is done with high intensity or if some weight is added to it. An exercise is done well if it enhances your performance without the risk of injury. For corrective exercise, your routine should be simple and designed in a way that the movements reduce pain while targeting crucial areas like the core, spine, shoulders, and hips. Dr. McGill’s bird dog is the best corrective exercise you can do, though it seems easy to many people. Dedicate 1-2 minutes into this exercise daily as it will help you gain all the advantages of a warm-up while avoiding pain.

Muscle and pattern activation

The objective of your workout is to create a movement routine with new motion ranges. Trying to improve on your range motion will not happen, and might even be harmful if you are not able to stabilize the new motion range. This is where muscle and pattern activation is required. Performance of activation drills requires a great mind-muscle connection and internal force creation. A muscle is activated if only you feel it contracting. Try using the Rusin shoulder superset with your upper body, and the butchered flute bridge with the lower body. Whichever movement you decide to do, ensure that you squeeze your active muscles. Do two to three sets of 5-10 reps to avoid tiring your muscles easily.

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