Engagement rings are highly personalized pieces of jewelry that are supposed to last a lifetime. Before deciding on one, read our definitive guide to discover the perfect engagement ring for you.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be very challenging. After all, you want to be sure that your engagement ring is one that you will love and cherish for a lifetime. To do that, you need to make sure you know the type of engagement ring that most suits your personal sense of style.

While most classic brides like the timeless diamond solitaire, these days, more modern brides are opting for unique new choices. For example, colored gemstone rings like emerald engagement rings and ruby engagement rings are quickly becoming a popular choice. Don’t feel restricted to what’s traditional. Feel free to explore options to discover the best engagement ring type for you.

To help you discover your favorite kind of engagement ring, we look at each different type of wedding rings and unique gemstone options. Read on to find your perfect engagement ring.

What is Your Engagement Ring Type?

When choosing engagement rings, understanding the difference between styles is an essential step in helping you narrow down all the different ring settings and designs available. Here are typical styles and the different types of rings that suit them:

1. Traditional

The solitaire setting is classic and elegant engagement ring style. This is perfect for brides who love timeless designs over trendy and chic. For those who opt for this ring, clear diamonds in cuts like round and cushion are an excellent choice. Choose straightforward settings like single gold bands.

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2. Stylish and Chic

This ring style is perfect for brides who love to stand out. These brides love stunning jewelry that makes people stare. The best ring choices for these types of brides are settings that really focus on the diamonds. A gorgeous pavé setting with the diamond set high above the hand is a fantastic choice.

3. Outdoorsy

A more practical ring is usually a better choice for girls who love nature and being outside. Engagement rings for nature lovers can also include organic elements like vines, flowers, and filigree. These settings should also be more robust, with the gem set lower to the hand to protect the diamond.

4. Modern and Trendy

Modern brides are more willing to think outside the box and try a more contemporary engagement ring type like mixing metals or gems. Emerald diamond engagement rings with unique settings make a good choice for trendy brides.

5. Romantic

The romantic engagement ring type is a bit traditional style mixed with romantic details. These rings often feature heart-shaped diamonds or romantic elements like baguette diamond accents or delicate bands.

Diamondport put together Australia’s Biggest Engagement Ring Survey to get details on how much people spent on their engagement rings and which are the most popular styles of engagement rings, who’s popping the question and even how happy people are with that ring on their finger. Learn more about this here.

Choosing your Engagement Ring Gems

Once you have a good idea of your sense of style and which ring style might suit you best, the next step is choosing the type of gem or gems you want. While classic clear diamonds are usually the most popular choice, couples are more adventurous now with their gemstone choices.

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Emeralds, sapphires, and colored gems appear in engagement rings more and more either as a centerpiece or as a diamond accent. If you want to learn more about colored gemstones and which might be a good choice for you, the International Gem Society listed down the most popular engagement ring colored gems. They also shared information about each type of gem.

At the end of the day, what matters most is choosing a gem that is representative of you. Once you have settled on a stone, this will often help determine the engagement ring type and setting.

Let Your Natural Style Shine Through

While selecting an engagement ring can be daunting, it’s also fun and exciting at the same time. Engagement rings become more unique as more brides look for more personalized choices.

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter rings. Now, brides are more interested in styles that genuinely represent them. If you are still trying to decide the perfect engagement ring type for you, take your cue from your personal everyday style and lifestyle. If you do, you’ll be sure to find an engagement ring that matches your fashion and personality.