A wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. It is a culmination of your love and saying your vows in front of your families and friends are very special and emotional. Sadly, planning a wedding can be very stressful for brides and grooms. Of course, they want it to be perfect and all the organizing can be a little overwhelming. They may even neglect themselves while making sure all the guests are having fun, and everything is going according to plan. Dear brides and grooms, please don’t forget this is YOUR special day, and you should be relaxed and having fun. If you would like to learn some tips that will make planning a wedding easy, please continue reading.

Weddings often have a theme that reflects the couple’s taste and style. If you wish to add a little bit of “wow factor” to your big day, then a glam wedding is just perfect for you. Fancy dresses, expensive decor ideas, and modern color pallets are just the beginning. If your idea of a perfect wedding is to feel like a diva in the spotlight, we are sharing some guidelines on how to make everything luxurious and high-end. Just relax and enjoy, and be sure you will have a glam wedding for everybody to remember.

Choose A Venue

This is the first step. Choosing a formal venue will elevate the vibe of your wedding. It should be bold and glamorous. Here are some examples to consider:

  • Country clubs: It’s a good starting point since they already have fancy decor, like marble floors, window draperies, or chandeliers.
  • Ballrooms: They give a great ambiance, architectural elements are exquisite, and the lighting is usually impressive.
  • Historic venues, like mansions, or estates: Very original, and they give a wedding ceremony a sense of grandeur.
  • Castles: If you are feeling extra-glam, consider finding a castle wedding venue. There are many gorgeous spaces all over the country.
  • Atrium of the art museum: This is very glamorous and sophisticated. For a true elite wedding, try incorporating art in the event.
  • Grand outdoor space: It can be a beautiful beach, a garden, the countryside, a mountain… Outdoor ceremonies are very popular, glam, and unforgettable.
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Don’t forget that the way you arrive at the reception can also be glamorous and breathtaking. It all depends on where the ceremony is taking place, and of course – your personal style. Antique cars are becoming very popular. Vintage trucks or horses and carriages are perfect for country weddings. Limousines are elegant and timeless and are especially popular in the U.S. and Australia. There is a variety of limos to choose from. Limo for hire in Perth offers a sophisticated experience, a classic stretch limo will never go out of style, and a convertible limo will give you a more edgy entrance style. If your ceremony is anywhere near water, check out boats and gondolas. This is very original and stylish. A sailboat or yacht is an even more extravagant choice. For the ultimate effect – rent a helicopter. No one will see that one coming.


Choosing luxe and extravagant pieces is the key to glamorous wedding decor. Every detail should stand out from everyday basics (e.g. multi-tiered chandeliers, sparkling table linens, fabric swags on the walls, etc.). Combine hanging floral arrangements with string lights, to create a dramatic, Hollywood-inspired vibe. If you prefer a romantic ambiance, use candles of varying heights. Velvet is super-glamorous, as well as crystal and silk.

Decide your style and focus on not going overboard with the decor. If there is too much of everything it may look a little bit tacky, and you want to avoid that. For example, if you choose a very dramatic centerpiece for the table, other table decorations should be more simple.

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Make sure you stick to your color palette. Too many colors may look confusing, so start with two natural colors (e.g. white, gray, black, or gold) and then add a bold color for a hint of drama. Choose colors that are elegant and refined, but add a little bit of sparkle (gold, silver, metallic, rose gold, or copper). Another popular way to go is the all-white wedding decor.

The Wedding Dress

Finally, we come to the wedding dress, the favorite topic of our brides to be. There is a variety of options, so make sure you choose the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful for your grand entrance. Consider a ball gown for a dramatic statement, a slinky backless dress for a sexy, edgy look, a strapless dress for a romantic look, or a deep V-neck if you are feeling posh.

Don’t forget that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your big day with your loved ones. Whatever you choose you will look fabulous. Just be yourself and smile.

“Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.”