The world spins on so fast that our sense of the generation gap between ourselves and those just a few years ahead of us can sometimes feel like an abyss. Customs, opinions, ideas – our very knowledge – have expanded and evolved so quickly since the end of the last century that many who are now entering the early-mid phase of their careers feel like they’re clearing up after the mess that’s gone before – or at least that there are fewer role models ahead of us than there are among our own inspirational generation.

But one guy who manages to combine old-school bluster and space age vision with a commendably responsible and ambitious attitude towards business and the welfare of our planet, is the noted engineer and entrepreneur, Elon Musk.

Paypal, where his career matured, may not have revolutionized banking but it certainly dragged it into the twenty-first century, where it has become something of an everyday fixture in many of our lives. Before moving on to Tesla Motors, Musk made Paypal the first of four companies that would reach $1bn valuations under his leadership.

But Tesla Motors is where Musk’s true legend will surely thrive. Sinking $70m of his own money into an electric car industry whose viability he was yet to prove showed a tremendous faith and desire in an ecologically stable future for consumer transportation. The figures alone should not overshadow the story: Musk and Tesla’s ongoing investment is notable for the vision, risk-taking, and sustainability should those risks pay off.

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Putting charging stations around the world, establishing their lithium ion cell ‘Gigafactory’, and perhaps most importantly making electric cars ‘sexy’, has meant changing the outlook of our smoggy roads forever.

To get the lowdown on Musk, Tesla Motors and the future of electric cars, check out this new infographic with some of the key facts and figures – and prepare to be inspired.

Infographic via Jennings Motor Group Click Image to Enlarge.

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