The US had 201,927 professionally active dentists in 2021, meaning there is a huge amount of competition when you are trying to establish and grow a dental practice.

While having a dental marketing plan is one of the best ways to bring more patients on board, you need to make sure you use the right techniques rather than spending money on ineffective strategies.

That’s why we’ve made this short guide that can help you create a powerful marketing plan that gets results.

Let’s find out more.

1. Boost Your SEO Results

One of the most potent dental marketing strategies is to use SEO marketing for dentists. For example, you could write keyword-rich dental blog posts that help patients to look after their teeth. You could also ensure your website loads quickly and is easy to use to make sure people can instantly find the information they are looking for.

This can lead to the search engines sending more dental-related traffic to your site.

2. Have a Social Media Strategy

When marketing your dental clinic, it can help to be active on social media platforms. Your patients could then send you queries and you can answer quickly, showing that you are taking a modern approach to communication.

It’s also easy to schedule interesting posts to go out at pre-set times, making it simple to reach out to potential new patients.

3. Run Paid Ad Dental Marketing Campaigns

For fast results, you could pay for dental practice online ads campaigns. This method allows you to market to a particular demographic, such as people who live in your geographical location or patients in a certain age range.

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When you set the right parameters, your paid campaigns can deliver a large amount of new business in a short period of time.

4. Ask for Email Addresses

You can ask your current dental patients for their email addresses and send them occasional messages that they would find valuable. This could include details such as your extended opening hours or promotional offers for your services.

This technique can be useful for growing your revenues by gaining more business from your current patients.

5. Use Text Messaging

By including a mobile element in your dental marketing plan, it’s possible to reach patients while they are on the move. For example, you could remind people about their appointments to avoid losing revenue when people don’t turn up. Or, you could send details about new services, and patients could click on your number and book an appointment over the phone.

Using mobile can be an easy and affordable way to maximize your dental practice’s revenues.

Effective Marketing Strategies Can Attract More Patients to Your Dental Practice

Creating a dental marketing plan is key to your practice’s success, and improving your SEO and using paid ads are excellent techniques for reaching your core client base. You should also focus on building a social media presence and using email and text messages to stay in touch with patients.

This can help you establish a reputation as a first-class dental practice and attract a steady stream of new business.

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