How nice would it be to not have any wires connected to your phone while its charging? In a very Jetson-like fashion, Qi (procounced Chee) technology has enabled any Droid user to charge their smartphone without ever having to physically be connected. Forget the plugs and cables with Belkin’s Qi Wireless Charging Pad.

This streamlined pad uses a Micro USB or 2-amp wall unit to transmit Qi-certified coils to conveniently charge up your phone. And while the charge may be wireless, it does not sacrifice speed. The Belkin charging pad brings the battery life from zero to 100 just as quickly and smoothly as any 5-watt wired adapter.

The great thing about this Qi Wireless Charging Pad is that it also easily fits in any pocket, bag, or purse making it very travel-friendly. With its elegant design and sleek black finish, the charging pad blends in with any home or office environment. Don’t worry about your phone slipping off either. The pad incorporates high-friction materials that grip the phone, provide a safety cushion and prevent it from sliding around.

The QI Wireless Charging Pad is compatible with any device that has integrated Qi functionality, including the Google Nexus 6, LG G2, and the Google Nexus 7 tablet. And if you are an iPhone or Galaxy user, you can easily equip them with a Qi-receiving battery shell or case, turning any phone into a Qi-enabled receiver.

Another benefit of the QI Wireless Charging Pad is that because it comes bundled with a Belkin Micro USB Cable and a 2-amp wall adapter, you can also use the wall adapter and cable independently of the charging pad to charge any device with a micro-USB input.