You can find an app for anything these days. So why not find a side hustle app and earn more money? Whether you want to work in your neighborhood or provide services across your city, a relevant side hustle exists. We’ve collected some tips for managing your side jobs, as well as the top apps for earning extra money in 2022.

Managing Your Side Hustle Finances

Most side hustle apps classify their employees as independent contractors. So, if you’ve started using any of these apps, consider yourself self-employed. Now you may wonder about the best way to handle the payments you receive from these apps.

When you transfer your payments to your bank account, pay attention to bank fees. Some banks charge fees that ultimately deduct from your take-home pay. Look for a banking option with minimal fees and benefits for small business owners and self-employed individuals. Business banking options, such as Nearside, provide options for individuals starting a side gig.

Earn Extra Money With Your Car


Uber provides a convenient way to earn money taxiing passengers around your city. Turn on the app when you want to work and shut it off when you don’t. Over time, you’ll receive ratings that can increase your earning potential. You can easily start as long as you have a good driving record, an active license, and a newer vehicle.


DoorDash pays you to pick up and deliver food. As with Uber, you use your car to drive around your city, but you don’t have any passengers in the car with you. Recently, DoorDash’s services extended to some retail stores as well. The app also provides higher pay during peak hours.

Amazon Flex

Another delivery opportunity, Amazon Flex pays you to deliver packages. Some drivers earn up to $25 an hour. However, Amazon applicants face a more competitive application process.


This delivery app pays you to grocery shop for others. The best part? You don’t even need to deliver the groceries. Instacart provides a shop and delivery option and a shop-only option. However, this side hustle app comes with a few physical requirements. Do you have the ability to lift 50 lbs.? If so, you could earn $20 an hour with this side hustle app.


Want an option that requires less work? With Turo, you rent your car to others when you don’t need to use it. The year, make, and model of your vehicle determine how much money you’ll earn. The Turo website provides a calculator to estimate your earning possibilities. Apps like Turo help you make more money as passive income.

Earn Extra Money Using a Special Skill


Upwork provides freelancers with a space to find work they can do online. The jobs include administrative work, marketing, writing, IT, graphic design, and more. Your pay will depend on which jobs you accept and your experience level. Even if you don’t have an established skill set, Upwork has plenty of entry-level opportunities for first-timers.


For remote, freelance work, Fiverr operates similarly to Upwork. Once you create an account, you’ll choose the skills to offer and set your payment rate. Fiverr provides ultimate flexibility. You decide how many projects you work on, and you can complete the projects from the comfort of your home. With Fiverr, you could find a side job as a virtual assistant, digital marketer, and more.


Do you have skills that align with hands-on work? TaskRabbit pays you to complete odd jobs around the home. People in your community request tasks such as yard work, furniture assembly, and home repairs. Then, through the app, you accept the tasks and start getting paid. As with Upwork and Fiverr, your pay rate depends on your skills and experience level.

Earn Extra Money Taking Care of Children and Pets


You don’t need to be a teenager to babysit! Bambino provides parents with a trusted source to hire babysitters. As a sitter, you’ll fall into one of Bambino’s ranking categories. These rankings depend on age, your in-app rating, and background checks. Once you pass a comprehensive background check and gain experience on the app, you can upgrade to Elite status and increase your earning potential.


Prefer working with four-legged friends? This side hustle app pays you to provide dog walking, boarding, daycare, and house-sitting. Since you’ll be entering people’s homes, Rover does require a background check. Your pay will depend on which services you provide.


Kango combines driving services with childcare. Parents use Kango when they travel out of town or can’t pick their child up from school. Kango has a few more requirements than some of the other apps on our list. You’ll need a DMV check, a background check, references, childcare experience, and more before you begin. However, these requirements mean higher earning potential than rideshare apps like Uber.

Earn Extra Money Shopping

Field Agent

Want to earn money while you shop? Field Agent provides secret shoppers with a platform to review their shopping experience at certain retailers. You take pictures and videos while shopping and share your opinion on the app. You can expect roughly $10-$25 per job when using Field Agent.


Like Field Agent, GigSpot pays you to shop and provide necessary market research for various retailers. You’ll earn about $10-$15 per job, and they reimburse you for on-the-job expenses.

Start Your Side Hustle Today

You miss out on potential income each day you wait to start a side gig. So, choose the app that best aligns with your skills and sign up today. Whether you want to start with rideshare, babysitting, meal delivery, or freelancing, you’ll find an app that aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

Once you choose a few side jobs, select a banking option well-suited to your new financial gain. Side gigs open up the opportunity to pay off debt, build savings, and increase your quality of life. Learn more about business checking options like Nearside and start your side hustle today.