World’s Most Powerful Women In Tech 2016

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Women have a hard time breaking free from the world’s patriarchal society. While it took them many, many decades to earn the respect of men in the corporate and professional level, there are still certain industries which were considered off-limits to women – but not anymore. We find women in the secret service in strict and conservative Arab nations. Women from these countries are now allowed to become photographers, pilots, as well as many other careers which were formerly restricted to their male counterparts.

The Information Technology sector is one such example. This has always been considered as a man’s playground, especially when it comes to developing cutting-edge products and improving technology in terms of the Internet, mobile phones, laptops, computers, social media platforms and more. It is refreshing to note, however, that women have been able to find their place in this niche and thrive.

Yes, you may be surprised to see that the IT industry is now dominated by women. They hold important places of power and influence. They are not there for show, they really do make crucial decisions which influence the future of this billion-dollar industry. Their stories are about overcoming discrimination and facing adversaries head on in order to succeed.

Melinda Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Susan Wojcicki, Jen Fitzpatrick, Marissa Mayer, Meg Whitman, Ginni Rometty, Ursula Burns, Angela Ahrendts and Ruth Porat… These will be more than just names to you when you take a look at our infographic of the most powerful and influential women in Tech for 2016.

The World’s Most Powerful Women In Tech 2016

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