Last year, lockdown meant we were a bit limited in what we could do for dad’s special day. But now that life is getting back to normal why not make up for last year? This needn’t be something that breaks the bank. The most special Father’s Day gifts are often those with meaning or which give your dad special time with those he loves.

Here are a few ideas you might want to try to make everyday feel like Father’s Day to your dad.

Do something together

This might involve a hobby of his, in which case be careful not to ruin it for him. If he likes to fish, you could always just join him for the ride and pepper him with food and drink as he waits for the big one. If it’s golf, offer to caddy if you don’t play – he’ll appreciate not having to lug the clubs around himself.

Alternatively, you could organise a game night where you play cards, garden cricket or anything that allows everyone to get a little competitive. You could all have a go at something new – learning a new style of cooking perhaps, or baking something spectacular. Or you could just make it easy, fun and tasty and organise a blind dessert test (try making one of the desserts disgusting as a sort of Russian roulette).

Go out somewhere

Now we’re allowed to move around again, why not treat him to a special occasion? You could take him out for lunch somewhere he’ll enjoy. If his favourite food is pasta, for instance, then go all Italian – you could even dress up accordingly!

Perhaps you could accompany him to watch his favourite team play his favourite sport. You might venture into the great outdoors for a bit of hiking, cycling or kayaking (followed by a pub meal of course!). Or you could even organise for him to drive a few laps in a supercar (there can’t be a dad in the world who’d resist that chance!).

Try something meaningful

The personal touch is always special, and whether your dad’s the sentimental type or not, he’s always likely to shed a tear if you make something for him that portrays your happiest times together. A photo slideshow of you all together from the day you were born would bring back so many happy memories, as would an evening watching home movies of bygone days.

Alternatively, you could delve into the family tree and see how far back you can go. You might surprise dad (as well as yourself) at how close you are to royalty!

Or prepare a special message on a huge bar of milk chocolate that shows him how much he means to you. If you’re lucky, he might even share it!

Whatever you do for your father, incorporate the things and the people he loves, and it’ll make it a very special day indeed.