Any business – big or small – that relies on IT services to get the job done requires efficiency and problem solving more than anything else. It is the reason why many startup companies decide to outsource ITSM services instead of trying to develop their own in-house department. While it might be possible to go with your own department, the amount of capital required to get the job done might be too risky for most businesses.

That said, it is not necessarily a simple task to search for the best ITSM features around, as there are plenty of services out there clamoring for your attention. When the market is oversaturated with choices, it can be tricky to make the ideal decision. Here are six essential ITSM features every business should look for.

Incident management

One of the reasons why many companies fail when it comes to managing IT services is due to how they handle the many incidents that can occur. There is no denying that the downtime of IT services can cost businesses thousands of dollars no matter the situation. Incident management is undoubtedly an essential feature of any ITSM solution.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge management is something that many business owners might not consider to be a top priority. However, there is no point in having a vast knowledge center if there is little to no way to access all of its features. When it comes to ITSM features, having a system that can properly utilize knowledge assets will tip the odds in your favor.

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Self-help portals

Along the same vein as knowledge management, having self-help portals will help just about any business owner get used to the processes that go alongside their chosen ITSM features. Even if a service provider might have the best features around, there is little point when you do not know how to use them, which is why services such as SysAid provide self-help portals.

Expansive configuration management

Another essential ITSM feature is the ability to make changes based on specific conditions. More often than not, a flexible IT service will triumph over a static department, even if the latter might have more advanced features.

Access over multi-cloud features

Having a multi-cloud infrastructure means that IT services will have to be able to seamlessly provide a quality service all throughout such an infrastructure. Otherwise, it would be too challenging for an IT service to handle the rigors of cycles and incidents without access over multi-cloud features.


When it comes to IT services, efficiency is the name of the game. It is the reason why many businesses make use of business software to try and streamline specific tasks. In the case of ITSM features, prioritizing automation means that you can expect a seamless service without any hiccups.

While it can be somewhat overwhelming to choose the right managed IT service for your business, understanding the best ITSM features to watch for will make the search much easier.