Spain is a truly remarkable country. Taking up the majority of the Iberian Peninsula, it’s a remarkably varied nation with a rich history and no shortage of attractions for visitors. As a result, for many young people it has become a holiday destination of choice. But what is on offer when you journey to Spain, and what memories will stay with you forever? We’re going to take a look at:

  • The varied landscape
  • The unique culture
  • The amazing food and drink

1.  Spain is famous for its beautiful architecture

Madrid and Barcelona are two of the best loved cities in Europe when it comes to presenting travelers with buildings that are unique and appealing. Gaudi remains the name most associated with Spanish architecture, but there are a host of other names worth investigating. And with a huge selection of influences over the centuries, there really is nowhere else quite like it.

2.  Spanish people have endured a history of invaders

The most significant ones have been the Romans and the Moors. They have both left their mark in some of the best preserved historical ruins in Europe. Throughout the country you’ll find the remains of structures built hundreds of years ago, and still just about standing today.

3. Spain has an extensive art collection

The nation has contributed more than its fair share to the world of art, with luminaries including Dali, Picasso and El Greco. Cities across the country play host to some of the best art collections in Europe, as well as thriving modern scenes.

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4. Spain offers something for everyone

The Southern desert regions seem more like something out of a Western film. The dry Mediterranean climate is ideal for travellers looking to soak up some sun. Meanwhile the Northern and Northeastern areas have enough mountains to satisfy any Winter sports fan. And the interior is host to some truly spectacular woodland. All in all, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful country.

5. Spanish people are renowned for their friendliness

The famous Latin spirit translates into hospitality and good times for everyone. It’s an easy country in which to get to know people, and you’re guaranteed to pick up a few friends along the way if you journey to Spain. Many people are more than happy to give you a few recommendations when it comes to what to see. And by benefiting from the wisdom of a local, you can ensure that you create memories to treasure for a long time.

6. Spain produces some of the best wines in the world

The region is the origin for many of the New World varietals that are now found in Australia, South America and the USA. But the original is still the best. Rioja and Tempranillo are two of the best red wines in Europe, and they are plentiful and cheap here. Cava is also of Spanish origin, and is one of the best sparkling white wines around. And Jerez sherry is generally viewed as one of the best sherries in the entire world. The region still remains the most important sherry region on earth.

7. Spanish music is has it’s roots in history

The Moorish occupation left its mark in a number of ways, as did a large Jewish community. Spanish music is unique, and is the originator of what we today think of as the classic Latin sound. But there’s more to Spanish music than the past. Today, the country has a thriving music scene on offer in all its towns and cities. It is host to some of the best music festivals around, including Primavera and Sonorama.

8. Spain has some unforgettable beaches

To the North and West lies the Atlantic. The coastline is often dramatic, always scenic, and with a selection of wonderful beaches to pick from. But it is the Mediterranean South that is home to the best beaches in the country. Once you see them, you’re sure to fall in love with them.

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9. Spanish food is every bit as varied as the country itself


The nation has developed a number of different cuisines thanks to different geographical situations. Anyone who travels extensively in Spain cannot help but be struck by the wide selection of quality food on offer. Snacks are generally served with drinks, as tapas in most of the country, or pintxos in the Basque region. The nation has a number of foodstuffs of protected origin, most notably the famous Iberico ham. This dark, smoked meat is a true one of a kind. Made from pigs that are left free to rummage for chestnuts in local woods, it is respected around the world as one of the best hams on offer.

The national dish, paella, is also a staple throughout the country, with plenty of regional variations on offer. A paella from the interior could include rabbit or pigeon, while one from the South would be more likely to feature Mussels or Red Snapper. The impact of Moorish occupation is evident, once again, in Spanish food. Citrus was brought to the country by the Moors, and Spain continues to grow its own citrus produce.

10. Spain has beautiful islands to explore

The Balearics, in the Mediterranean, have gained a reputation as the party capital of the region. Ibiza has long been a favourite for clubbers, and other islands have plenty more on offer. And the Canary Islands, off the coast of West Africa, are a small outpost of Spain in the middle of the ocean.

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Any traveller to Spain is guaranteed to remember their journey forever. The country has a huge amount to offer, and with so much variety, there’s genuinely something for everyone who chooses to journey to Spain. No matter what your preferred type of holiday or travel, we’re confident that you’ll find something to love.