With many cable television networks trawling out the same old post-game and pre-game reaction shows, many millennial sports fans are choosing to turn instead to dedicated sports podcasters for their fix of stats, tips and form guides, which cut out the waffle of network television and radio that’s often about as interesting as a foul ball or time out. Here are five of the best.

Colin Cowherd

With a name like this, Colin Cowherd was always destined for stardom and he combines his comical name with a quick tongue, rattling off NFL tips every bit as quick as he interviews his star guests. He also provides weekly sports betting tips and analysis when he’s not podcasting, so you know he’s a trusted name in the game, who’ll help you make the most of that free bet you’ve been clinging to.

The Herd is the perfect place to catch up on football gossip and goings-on

Bill Simmons

Simmons is hardly what you’d call a young whippersnapper when it comes to podcasting, but he still regularly gets the most high-profile guests on his show. He also mixes in a nice blend of pop culture, but never strays too far from his show’s main sporting theme. He is a massive fan of all things Boston, especially the Celtics, so if that’s not your thing then look elsewhere.

Which pod will you tune-in to?


If America’s favorite pastime is more your cup of tea, then R2C2 hosted by CC Sabathia (who obviously knows his stuff) and Ryan Ruocco (who talks well) will be right up your street. For anyone who relishes getting in-depth about the vagaries of a city’s baseball culture, this pod gives you the inside track on everything there is to know about baseball in the Big Apple.

Pull Up

No, this pod has nothing to do with challenging you to do pull ups. Instead it’s hosted by another pro player turned podcaster CJ McCollum. This NBA player is as deadly behind a mic as he is at the free throw line, giving hot takes – that often give food for thought – on the week’s most pressing sporting issues.

Mina Kimes

Let’s be honest, the world of sports pods is very male centric, so Mina Kimes and her trusty sidekick Lenny the dog are the perfect antidote, bringing a bout of light-hearted humor to the sometimes overly serious sporting airwaves.