There’s nothing like a fun DIY project to help you kill some time. Plus, you get to show off your creative skills in the process! They are a lot of fun and keep you creative by practicing your artistic side, which is really good for mental health. If you’re looking for some ideas, we’ve got you covered. From really simple and meditative DIYs to more extreme projects, here are six projects that are sure to keep you entertained and creating for hours on end.

A polycarbonate DIY project

Polycarbonate is a material that is hard, durable and transparent. It can be produced in sheets that are 12 feet wide and 1/8 inch thick. This means you can use polycarbonate to create anything from an enclosure for hamster cages to a table cover. A few creative polycarbonate DIYs include making a custom greenhouse, a window into a secret room and a glazed-wall bookcase.

Polycarbonate sheeting is easy to cut with standard tools, and the sheets are lightweight, weather-resistant and virtually unbreakable. If you want to spice things up a bit, consider using colored polycarbonate sheets for your next DIY. You build a greenhouse that looks like it has stained glass windows!

A wood burn DIY project

This was quite popular a few years ago and has recently been doing the rounds on social media once again. Wood burning is a fun DIY project that you can enjoy with your friends and family. You’ll need to purchase a wood-burning/etching tool to begin.

This tool is included in some kits, which you might want to consider buying as they’ll include the wood-burning pen, different kinds of tips for more detailed projects and some stencils. Then it’s as easy as drawing your design onto a piece of wood and burning it in with the pen. These can be used as lovely little home decor, or even as wedding gift ideas and other celebratory gifts and decor. You are limited by what you can imagine.

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A knitting DIY project

Knitting is a great pastime that’s enjoyed by many people around the world. You can knit anything from clothing and accessories to toys, blankets and rugs. And the best part is that it’s easy to learn. To begin, you’ll need to buy some yarn and knitting needles. There are many great tips online for beginners on how to hold the needles, for example.

A garden DIY project

If you’re a keen gardener, then why not kill two birds with one stone and enjoy a creative DIY project while making the most of your garden space? If you have a green thumb, there are endless things to do in your garden. You can plant trees, flowers and vegetables. You can build a pond or install a water feature. And you might well have all the materials you need lying around your house already, such as bricks and concrete. All you’ll need to buy is the material for whatever project it is that you have in mind.

A home DIY project

If you’re looking for something a bit more involved, then why not try your hand at a home DIY project? There is no limit to what you can do. You could redecorate a room, install new flooring or even build an extension. And if you’re on a budget, there are many great tips for crafting your own decorations and furnishings.

A Lego DIY project

So this might not seem crafty, but to a lot of more technical people, this is a meditative DIY. Lego is great for killing some time, but it can also be used as an effective DIY project if you have the patience. One of the most popular things to do with them is to make scale models of various buildings and end up with a city of your own creation. Certain Lego pieces are better suited to certain tasks than others. For example, lego bricks are ideal for making walls, but you might want to consider using Lego Technic pieces if you wanted to create a roof or ceiling (or even an entire house). If that doesn’t suit you, why not take your love for lego further and create statement pieces made from lego to go with your home decor.

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So, if you’re looking for a fun DIY project to take your mind off of things and work on your creativity skills, then we’ve got the perfect solution. Whether it’s knitting clothes from scratch or planting flowers in your garden that was once overrun with weeds, there are plenty of creative projects to choose from that will keep you entertained all day long! This is a great way to show off your skills and you never know…you might even hit upon the next big trend!