Summer is the best time of year. It’s when all your friends come out to play and enjoy the eternal rays that shine down from above. Whether it’s brunch in an outdoor restaurant or a drink in a fancy cocktail bar, all the good stuff happens from June to August. Well, it does for most people.

Because you’re an allergy sufferer, summertime isn’t the most comfortable season. Just as you try and have fun, the dreaded runny nose and sneezing combination hits hard and ruins the moment. There’s nothing worse than trying to drink your mimosa through wet, puffy eyes!

Allergies are mood killers, but it’s not as if you have to accept your fate. You can beat them with the right tools; all you need to do is find out what method to implement. For your information, there are four of the most useful tips for allergy sufferers underneath. Hopefully, you’ll start to look forward to summer.

Stay Indoors

Although it sounds as if this tip will ruin your fun, it should do the opposite. You don’t have to stay in the house to be indoors. All that’s necessary is to avoid the outdoor spaces when the pollen count is high. That means opting to eat lunch or dinner in the restaurant rather than going into the open air. Alfresco was created for the people who don’t have allergies!

Your friends should understand why you don’t want to go outside and be happy to oblige. And, it’s not as if you need to sit in a dark corner. Choose a table close to the outdoor area to get the best of both worlds: safety and light. You’ll be amazed at how atmospheric the indoor spots will be this summer, but you shouldn’t be because allergy sufferers are everywhere. 

An estimated 30% of US citizens, or 60 million people, have the symptoms.

Be The Host

Everyone has the urge to get out of the house when there is good weather, and you’re no different. Of course, you know what will happen if your allergies strike and you’re behind enemy lines. It’s best to be close to home so that you can reach for the antihistamines and take the edge off, which is why lots of people don’t bother leaving the house.

Being a home bird doesn’t mean you have to be a hermit. There is a simple solution, and it’s to invite guests to the house. By hosting an impromptu BBQ, you can socialize and have a good time without having to worry about your allergies. You don’t need to be as bold as to organize a barbeque either as a small group is fine. 

Some people prefer it so that they can talk about things they wouldn’t be able to at a bigger gathering.

Pack Medication

When allergies hit, there is no stopping them. Sneeze after sneeze comes and goes and you’re powerless to stop the attack. That’s why medication is essential – it reduces the inflammation. As a result, you become more comfortable and less likely to deal with a runny nose or watery eyes. 

You should pack them everywhere you go if they are the only thing that works. A small packet in your back pocket will be enough, and if it isn’t, go to the store and buy extras. You can never be too careful. For those who don’t want to pop pharmaceuticals, the nutritionist Dr. Ron Ledoux has a range of organic products. Studies show that the likes of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins C and E have antihistamine properties, so they should provide relief.

Take a dose before you leave the house and top-up throughout the day to keep your allergies at bay.

Check The Pollen Count

Some days are worse for pollen than others. It’s not nice, but you should limit your exposure to it when the count is high. Otherwise, you won’t have a pleasant experience even if you think you can power through.

Keeping tabs on pollen throughout the week should let you plan your activities accordingly. When the count is high, try and tick your indoor stuff off the to-do list. When it’s low, that’s when you be more adventurous and venture outside. Also, ensure you understand your allergies and the causes. Pollen is one thing, yet there are lots of other factors such as dust and pet hair.

People who know their triggers can take steps to avoid them and make their summer more enjoyable.