Watch of the Week: Vortic Watches

The American Artisan Series by Vortic Watches is a product that completely embodies their brand with “Made in America” manufacturing.

Because Vortic crafts a limited quantity of watches, the cases are produced one at a time using a new technology- metal 3D printing. Powdered stainless steel is sintered one layer at a time, a standard 3D printing method, until a full piece is fused together. Those pieces are slightly porous, so they are infiltrated with bronze in a process similar to jewelry casting. The result is a solid piece of art forged in Pittsburgh, PA, and finished by polishing, drilling, and tapping in Vortic’s Northern Colorado workshop.

Vortic Watches is owned and operated by four recent Penn State graduates majoring in engineering, business and mathematics who decided to build a watch company together. Being entrepreneurial and each having run multiple service businesses in the past, they knew that collectively they had the skills to pull it off with their passion for the industry.

Be sure to visit their website to learn more about their unique, 3D printed timepieces and support The American Makes Foundation Scholarship Program by donating to their IndieGoGo campaign.