Visiting new cities gives you the opportunity to see new things, take in new museums, eat new foods, meet new people, and shop at new shops. Shopping is always better away from home, and when you visit a new city, there are certain shops to visit to ensure you get a good glimpse of everything that shopping in that city has to offer. Here are 4 types of shops to visit when exploring a new city.

Grocery Store

Whether you’re travelling internationally or domestically, every city has a unique flavor. Literally. Go to one of the grocery stores in the area to see what new brands or items you might find that you wouldn’t normally find back at home. Before you go to the store, research what items are local in that area. Don’t forget to hit the liquor aisle, too. Local beers and liquors can really make your vacation that much merrier. Try to find small grocery stores and markets tucked away in unique neighborhoods. This will increase your likelihood of finding foods from local small businesses.

Clothing Store

You probably go to the same clothing stores back home. You have found the stores that offer your style at the price you are comfortable with. Or, like many of us, you stick to online shopping as much as possible. Get up and hit the stores in the new town. Be sure to avoid chains that you can find anywhere. Look for local shops and even thrift stores. You may be able to bring something home that no one else will ever be able to find. You’re sure to find plenty of small boutiques in the area that offer locally made or sourced clothing and materials. This will also help you feel good about being more sustainable and supporting local business.

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Tobacco Shop

Tobacco is different in many places. Check out your local tobacco shop to see if you can find better deals on cigarettes or other types of tobacco. You may even find a rare tobacco you don’t see often at home. Be sure to check out vape shops, too. Different companies have different things to offer, and if you vape, you definitely don’t want to miss out while you’re in town. Ask if there are any tobacco or vape shops that locals recommend for the best deals or items.

Book Store

You can find hidden gems in used bookstores everywhere. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to examine a store in a new location. Spend some time going through your options to see if you find something you want to read at a very cheap price. You might even come across a rare original edition of your favorite book. If you’re not in the position to buy, you may just want to look at the prized items available for when you come back.

Adapt Easily When Exploring A New City

Vacations are great opportunities to explore new places. Consider taking a visit to some of the above 4 types of shops to make your experience more memorable and unique.