At last, a fab way to dispose of tampons and pads. Wherever you are, these opaque, sealable, BIODEGRADABLE bags are a girl’s best friend. You can even open FabLittleBag with one hand. Never be caught out again with a blocked toilet or no bathroom bin. It’s the best disposal method, period.

If you care about the environment, or have ever experienced a blocked toilet, you probably hate the thought of flushing tampons – but the alternative “bag and bin” options can be fraught with anxiety and difficulties… or they were until FabLittleBagTM came along.

Super Practical

FabLittleBagTM is a discreet little bag that you can drop your used tampon into and then seal securely with one hand using the patented clever finger loops, this is really useful if you are holding a used tampon in the other hand!

Environmentally a better choice

Made 35% from organic material, oxo-biodegradable, and since there’s no need to flush they keep tampons out of the rivers, seas and sewers.

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Guilt-free, Stress-free

No need to worry about if there is a bin, or if you have a nappy sack on you or if there is enough toilet paper to wrap it in. FabLittleBagTM puts you back in control of disposal, every time, anywhere…

The best solution. Period.

FabLittleBags are opaque, sealable disposal bags that you can open with one hand. The Starter Pack contains 1 Bathroom Pack (20 bags) + 1 Handbag Pack (refillable case with 5 bags). Starting at £3.50.

What are you waiting for? Start fabbing now!