Dressing to Your Own Beat: How Music Affects Style

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There is a German saying, “Kleider machen Leute” which loosely translated means “clothes make the person”. And while it’s easy to guess a stranger’s personality type by how they dress, what they wear can also be a good indication of their particular preference in music. These are not rules, and they certainly don’t apply to every person and every situation. But fashion trends and music go together, it’s part of the millennial culture.

The following combinations will illustrate which fashion trends are generally associated with which genres of music.

Get Your Dancing Cap On

If you see a person wearing a neon baseball cap with YOLO across the front, more than likely they are going to be a fan of electronic dance music (EDM). Rainbows, fur, beads, “PLUR” tattoos, or your general “sweet bro” style is most likely related to an EDM artist in their collection.

Classical and Jazz Equals Elegance

Someone who projects a classy, elegant style and wears expensive accessories most likely enjoys R&B, jazz, and classical music over trending POP. These people can often be spotted at the symphony or opera.

Rock and Country Fans Love Their Boots

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Boots have made a huge comeback in the past year, and the trend shows no signs of stopping. High heeled, patent leather sends a different message than cute mid-calf cowboy boots, and the girls wearing them are most likely not streaming the same tunes. The glam stilettos are hard to dance in, but perfect for rocking out to a distorted guitar at a rock or punk show. The cowboy boots, on the other hand, are perfect for listening to the sounds of new country music.

Pop Music Lovers Like Fun Fashion

Trendy, youthful styles and fun interesting prints can give the impression that a person likes Pop Music. Accessories are another clue. Sporting the latest headgear, jewelry and eye wear, suggest a person is up to date on the latest  top 40 hits.

A Social Conscience is in Fashion

Hip hop and rap have their own very distinct style. Team jerseys, big jewelry, baseball caps, and polo logos are first indicators. Gucci, grills and big shades will probably never go out of style with the rap and hip hop crowd, but they tend to represent southern rap more so than “hip hop.” Fans of this genre dress like they relish their freedom, rebellion, and courage.

Hipper Than Most

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The term “hipster” has been used for decades, but today, people from the hipster crowd typically wear long flowing scarves, knit hats, and even a dreadlock or two. They listen to folk or indie music and look very cool doing it. Some shoulder a rented DSLR camera slung around their neck, smoke Parliaments and drink Pabst Blue Ribbon. Hipsters have been known to embrace old bands that broke up years ago, but are die hard fans and posess endless trivia on their favorite artists.

Diversity is Always in Style

All of these fashion and music trends make a big point about our society. We are a diverse crowd, but we gravitate toward those with like minds. While it might be easier to walk up to a stranger who is dressed like you and strike up a conversation, it probably won’t be as interesting as chatting with someone dressed from a different genre. So take a chance and cross a fashion line once in a while.




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Written by Bethany Cleg

Bethany Cleg is a founder of Bethany Cleg Photography. She is an avid writer on all things photography. When she's not writing or taking pictures you'll find her at the lake with her family.

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