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LADSGN is a soul company created and owned by Laura Acosta. Since her move to Los Angeles, CA, she has immersed herself into her creative subconscious and now partakes in several activities such as: clothing design, graphic design, painting, photography, film, and music.

“I believe in the omnipotent race, every person should think of themselves as unique and beautiful,” she told me. “By educating an artistic eye and elevating consciousness, I believe anyone can achieve omnipotence.”

By mixing her creativity and ideas with her fashion sense, Laura is able to find hidden gems to offer a style her customers aren’t able to find somewhere else easily.

“LADSGN offers the necessary gear and armor to create a universe of your own.” Laura said.

Laura’s work goes from vintage design, unique concept clothing, digital art, to readings. Through confidence, style, color choice, and acquired taste, she believes your energy will elevate and you will have great days and inspiring conversations that will change your outlook on life, and inspire others as well.

Tell me about your brand LADSGN and your motivation behind it?

Since I was a little girl I’ve always loved creating and turning my creations into profitable actions, so that I could create even more. Seeing my mother work hard on her business all the time really taught me to be a self-starter and call my own shots. It wasn’t until I was 19 when I realized I wanted to start a business of my own where I could sell my own creations and treasures I’ve collected during the course of my journey that have a sense of symbolism and fantasy. Needless to say, LADSGN is a journey rather than a company. A sort of gypsy caravan is what I like to imagine it being in the future. Traveling while creating and collecting, and still finding a way to make profit from it to be able to continue is the ultimate goal.

What do you hope to accomplish with your work?

I hope to inspire a new generation of visionaries and instill confidence, freedom  and ambition through an acquired taste for expressive style. My vision is not to be bound to only one specific target customer, but to break barriers and bring together people of all ages, races, and body types to understand that unique clothing should be cherished, worn with pride, and used to protect ourselves and elevate our energy.

Share what your work as an entrepreneur, designer, stylist entails.

There are many things that go into the development of LADSGN. I try to change my process every once in a while and experiment with various ideas that come into mind. However, a typical process would begin with sourcing clothing from shops, wholesalers, and retailers. Then I upscale and retouch the clothing, if necessary, to give it a twist. When the clothes are ready I plan a photoshoot and contact models/artists to create the vision. When I have the material ready I begin to edit, create videos and graphics, correlate the looks with songs or stories, and give the pieces names. I then post them on my website and advertise them on social media. I also sell at markets over the weekends, which is where I get most of my new customers and followers.

What is your favorite part of your job?

One of my favorite things to do is to ship orders. This is because I love customizing them. Sometimes my orders will include original collage art, ink art, funny newspaper ads, poetry, tips and tricks, or stickers.

I love the complete sense of freedom that I have and whenever I get inspired by something I know I can use it towards my project. I also love photographing people and working with them to create a vision that satisfies both sides.

When you are not working what can we find you doing?

I’m always working! But I don’t view what I do as work because I love it and  it is all just a collection of my ideas.. However, I do have a great passion for music and enjoy singing, listening to records, and playing the piano to my favorite songs. I also enjoy watching films and getting inspiration from characters.

Share the message you want to share with your customers and followers.

We are living in times where we feel as if we are stuck in the middle of a questionable future and an aching past. The only thing that could pull all this into place is Hope. Not in the world, or in others, but in OURSELVES. I want to inspire a sense of self and individuality and reassure that miracles aren’t myths and life can become a  wonderful journey in any instant if we choose to accept it.

What have been some challenges you have faced in the fashion industry.

I’d have to say starting my own business is probably one of the most difficult, but beautiful decisions I have ever made. Growing a business takes time and finding people who understand the message can be tricky, but it is all part of the journey LADSGN is on.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

While being a stylist assistant, I got the opportunity to meet several icons and celebrities that really uplifted my spirit and made me realize that it really is a small world, and nothing in this life is too farfetched.

Share some tips for upcoming designers/stylists/entrepreneurs.

Be fearless! But with an open heart! I have learned that being open and understanding towards others is one of the many keys you need to unlock complete creative freedom. Dream big! As big as you want! You don’t have to be born creative to become creative. I didn’t realize my calling until I was 19 and since then I have focused my energy on it so much that I have grown confident and understanding that there is a lot more to come. It is never too late to embark on a a new journey, and you won’t always feel like the king of the hill but as long as you keep yourself busy, creating, and learning new things you will never get bored. It is truly a beautiful experience.

What is next for LADSGN?

In the 6 next months, I will be unveiling LADSGN’s first original concept collection for both women and men. Through careful planning, collaboration and meticulous detail the unveiling will be a held as a large event where audiences will come together and celebrate a imagination. Proceeds from this event will go to various charities and causes in need. This movement will hopefully inspire more artists and designers to use their creativity to give back to the world. During this time, LADSGN will be documenting the process and turning it into a broadcast.

What do you think?

Written by Irais Urias

Irais Urias is a multimedia journalism student at The University of Texas at El Paso. She has a strong interest in travel and street photography and hopes to enhance her skills around the world after graduation. When she is not working you can find her at the gym or practicing yoga.

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