A 2016 survey found that 50 percent of millennial homeowners have chosen to reside in the suburbs over cities and rural settings. In another 2016 study by Dart Homes, at least 52 percent of home sales for that year were attributed to first-time homebuyers, many of them belonging to the millennial generation.

It’s these figures that should motivate you to take action to buy the home of your dreams. But if you happen to be at a loss, you can follow these tips to find your dream home without much hassle. 

Find a home that fits your lifestyle

When buying the home of your dreams, you may as well find a property that appeals to you. In other words, look for a house that fits your lifestyle and personal preferences. Make sure that the hobbies you enjoy are accessible. Make sure the outdoors fits your personal weather preferences. A dream home can feel like a prison if you never want to leave it.

For example, if you’re a freelance writer who is just starting out a career in publishing, you may as well settle wherever it’s peaceful. You can buy a home in the suburbs or a lakeside property that offers an atmosphere where your creativity goes undisturbed.

Know how much you may need to spend

Homes don’t come cheap. Moreover, paying for one is a long-term commitment. To prevent it from becoming a financial burden, it’s best to manage whatever resources you have on hand.

For this, make sure to consider all the possible expenses you will need to shoulder. Aside from covering the downpayment, you will also need to compute for the closing costs, appraisal and due diligence fees, HOA fees, and, more importantly, taxes.

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Once you have listed down all these possible expenses, you will be able to plan your budget more effectively. This, in turn, lets you find a dream home that won’t leave your account hanging dry. 

Look for the amenities you want

What specifics do you want in your dream home? Should it have a pool? Should it have eco-friendly amenities like a charging station for your electric car?

You may have a long list of the things you want in the home of your dreams. Having one offers a great start to help you with the best possible options.

Check the neighborhood

A great home should also be situated in a great neighborhood. Opt to settle in a community where you can pursue your careers and still live life on your own terms.

Nowadays, new residential developments are catering to the needs of a globally-connected community. With coffee shops, recreational facilities, resident incentives, and a focus on the work-life dynamic, an intelligent community is where you can pursue your passions. 

Do a pre-purchase inspection

When buying the home of your dreams, it’s best to know if it really is the perfect fit for you. Most young adults make the mistake of closing a deal haphazardly, which usually leads to costly problems later on.

A pre-purchase building inspection should always be considered. No matter where you are, you should be able to find home inspection companies. You can find reliable companies just by googling and checking reviews. If you live in Brisbane, Australia, a quick search will reveal Building Inspection Brisbane and a slew of other results. Find one that fits your price range, and ask your friends.

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