In his days as a corporate finance account executive, Jackson Quach, was a die hard health junkie, triathlon competitor, and an avid prop-better. He would bet his friends that he could bike from Los Angeles to San Diego or run up the mountain the fastest. So it made perfect sense to combine money with fitness, thus FitJar was born. 

The FITJAR challenge is an intense competition amongst friends, using money as motivation to drive fitness to the next level. A host sets a stake and invites friends to the challenge. The more friends, the bigger the pot! Users will need a Nike+ FuelBand to track activity, a universal measurement of activity -from your morning workout to your night regardless of weight, age or sex. The challenger with highest NikeFuel at the end of the period wins all the cash!


Year born: 1982

Age: 32

City: Santa Monica, CA

Background: Corporate & Entertainment Finance

Profession: CEO of FitJar

Company: Fitjar

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