Slowing Down Your Life: The Travel Edition

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Slowing down is the newest trend that needs to stay. It is the best antidote to all the stress and hardship that modern life has brought upon us. Yes, we have more conveniences than ever before in our history, but it is not helping our wellbeing or our mental health. Instead, we find it more difficult to relax, and we are also ruining our planet for future generations. The best solution to both problems is to slow down, and to reduce our hectic consumption so that we can instead make room for things we truly love and value. This applies to everything, from your day to day life right down to how you spend your vacations:

Pick Up Slow Travel Hobbies

Slow travel hobbies are great ways to really enjoy the experience and relax simultaneously. Far too often we are connected day in and day out to our phones in one way or another. This means that everything that we do is multitasking, and this does take its toll. That’s why when you are on your slow travel vacation, you should limit your access to your phone for emergency use only, and instead enjoy:


Hiking is a great way to get exercise and really enjoy the many great landscapes of any national park. Try to do so in silence or just with your friends, rather than drowning it out with music. There is a lot to hear and enjoy when you are out on a hike, so soak it all in.

Bird Watching 

Bird or other wildlife watching is a great way to enjoy the beauty of these animals without causing an impact. If you do not have hunting permits or do not enjoy hunting, this is a great alternative. If you do want to take something home with you, then invest in digiscoping adapters that fit right onto your phone. They will help you locate far-off wildlife easier, and, as they are connected to your phone’s camera, taking video and pictures is a piece of cake.


Fishing takes a lot of time and requires silence to be successful. It is the perfect early morning or evening activity to enjoy with a companion, and if you are lucky can provide dinner for the night.


You need a permit to hunt, and must be mindful of your impact when you do. For example, hunting can be very therapeutic and helpful for population control, but you shouldn’t hunt solely for sport. Make use of your prize as much as possible or sell it to someone who will.

Be More Mindful of Your Impact

Slowing down helps your health, but you will want to combine mindful living in order to be a positive contribution to society. For example, try switching to reusable items like a water bottle or snack containers so that you don’t leave waste behind even accidentally. Then, if you see trash on your hike, pick it up. Leave the park better than when you found it, and you can feel great about doing good.

Our consumption habits will be our downfall, especially considering that taking a step back and slowing down your life can be all that it takes to help boost your wellbeing, help strengthen your wallet, and allow you to enjoy your life. On vacation it will help you relax and really enjoy the new experiences you are introducing yourself to, as well as help preserve your destination for the next travelers.

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Written by Millennial Staff

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