When Is The Right Time For Your Teen To Learn How To Drive?

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Learning how to drive is a massive milestone for any teenager and it can be a very exciting time. For some parents, giving their child the keys to the car is all they ever wanted as this sign shows that their children are growing up and more independent. But there comes a time when learning how to drive has its disadvantages due to being young and inexperienced behind the wheel. This can be a very dangerous thing as inexperience is one of the major causes of crashes among young drivers. In order to ensure that your teenager learns how to drive at a safe time, this article is about how to know the right time for your teen to learn how to drive.

Let Them Take The Driver’s Practice Test

There are several driver’s practice tests available on the internet. It is not necessary for them to take the test today but it is advisable to take it. At least some of it so that they can take a look at what goes into managing traffic and road rules. If you take out time to sit with your teen while he or she takes this test, you will be able to take a look at his or her decision-making ability. You can take note of his or her sharpness and awareness during these exercises. This is the point where you will start to figure out your teen’s mental capability which is so critical in terms of being responsible on the road.

After this take them for a spin around the block a few times so that they can get the feel of sitting behind the wheel. Let them drive along with you in the car. You should ideally take it slow and take note of their ability to stick to traffic rules and ensure safety while driving on roads filled with other cars, traffic police, pedestrians, etc. Your teen is not ready for driving if he or she causes an accident while taking the test. If they take their time to complete the test without any major mistakes, it may be a good idea to take them for a spin on your car. However, do take care not to take any risks in traffic.

Know Your Teen

The definition of maturity varies from one person to another. The extent of their understanding and responsibility is something that you should look into before deciding on when they can learn how to drive. You need to be sure that you know all the aspects of how mature your teen is and if he or she understands what kind of responsibility it is to take a car out for a spin alone in the traffic. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the more mature your teen is, the better are the chances of him or her being safe on the road.

Know Your Learner’s Limits

Teens going through school do not have much time on their hands as they are constantly busy with assignments, projects, and studying for exams. But even if you know that they don’t have enough time to learn how to drive, giving them the keys will just put more pressure on them and they might put off learning even longer than they should

Both you and your child must be aware of just how much they are willing to commit to learning to drive. If your child is not very interested in driving, you should not force them into it. Instead, maybe you could consider getting a driver that could give lessons for both you and your teen or maybe even yourself so that at least one of you can be trained properly.

Know That Age Matters

According to statistics, drivers aged between 16-19 years old are involved in the highest number of crashes throughout their first six months after getting a license. This is because this group doesn’t possess the necessary skills to drive or is inexperienced.

Another factor to consider is your teen’s ability to handle stress and frustration since learning how to drive will be filled with such things as they begin their journey into adulthood. If your teen can’t operate properly under pressure or has a tendency to complain about every little thing, then now might not be the best time for them to learn how to drive.

All in all, when it comes to your teen learning how to drive, you must use your judgment and consider their age, ability, patience level, and the presence of external stressors.

Few milestones are big enough to let you terminate the experience of your teen learning how to drive. Understandably, they will love their new freedom and independence but it can be very dangerous for them as well as for other drivers on the road. For this reason, make sure that they are not too young or not ready enough to handle this big responsibility.

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Written by Jennifer Landis

Jennifer Landis is a millennial mom, wife, and is crazy passionate about health and wellness. She writes about it on her blog, Mindfulness Mama. She loves a good cup of tea and enjoys spending her free time running, doing yoga, and watching Doctor Who.

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