If you’re one of those people who base reality off of television, books, and movies, then you are well aware of the fact that summertime is the best time to mingle with the opposite sex. Dating during the hottest time of the year is outrageously fun and consistently spontaneous. From Grease to The Notebook, we have seen the progression of how blissful a summer fling can be. The clothes you’ll wear and the places you’ll go all have the potential to create stories memorable enough to share for generations.

Who to Date

Depending on the kind of person you are, this could vary tremendously. You might be lucky enough to get swept off your feet the first of June and experience a whirlwind romance for the remainder of the season. If this doesn’t happen to you, don’t worry. Play the field, and enjoy yourself. The good thing about summer is the relaxed nature of it. Carefree dates that could potentially lead to something more, or that could end as soon as the sun goes down. Abandon your “type” and date someone new. This is the season for stepping out of the box because once winter hits, people are ready for settling down (crazy how that works, isn’t it?)

What to Do

summertime dateEverything. Go outside, stay inside, enjoy every possible activity you can. Summers bring out new crowds, venues, and activities. Enjoy the random festivals that come to town, sit outside at your favorite restaurant, take a tour of a city you’ve lived in your whole life. Do all those cheesy things you see in movies that you assume never occur in real life. Grab a basket from the thrift store and enjoy a picnic at the park. Our advice? Get active. Redbook Magazine suggests a rollerblading date. Whether it’s biking or horseback riding, go for it. Even if your date sucks, at least you get some cardio out of it.

Summer Dating Wardrobe

Summer fashion has always been enjoyable. When going on a date, keep it light and sprightly. Full skirts are a great choice. Pair it with a cute crop top and you’re both stylish and sexy. Maxi dresses are always perfect for almost any date. They can be worn with a pair of cute gladiators for a tasteful daytime look, or paired with heels and blazer for chic nightwear. Keep your colors bright, and utilize bold accessories. It’s hot outside, dress the part.

Men, abandon those dark trousers and get yourself some bright shorts. Tis the season of color, make the most of it. I know you may think women love the bad boy, but the “rough around the edges” look is a thing of the past. The future is filled with form-fitting attire, and classic outfits. The Millennial man will arrive at a date with salmon shorts and fashionable striped button down. (Just a suggestion.)

Whether you’re looking for summertime love or planning to play the field, it’s all about enjoying yourself and looking good while doing it.