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Millennial Magazine- Muse House
Appropriately situated on a quaint corner in the heart of Studio City, California, The Muse House Retreat is a bohemian babe’s daydream.

Behind the Magic of Muse House

The Muse House Retreat is beautifully curated by the renowned Serendipity Gift Shop owner Ashlan Christoph. Ashlan thoughtfully designed the space. She creates a peaceful, sacred energy perfectly fitting for the mindful community. This will serve as an idyllic environment for enriching your life. Muse House combines elements of art, mystic healing and metaphysics. Importantly, you are offered a holistic wellness experience to be shared with your fellow bouxi, boho beauties.

Your Summer Self-Care Sanctuary

First, you are greeted by abundant, soul-lifting natural light and a variety of self care books. Curl up with your favorites on a cozy couch and feel right at home. Additionally, warm your mind, body and soul with their homemade herbal tea. Importantly, this will give you self-care bliss that you truly deserve.
Furthermore, make your way towards the back of the space. Here, explore a magical crystal bar accompanied by handmade silk incenses. These are carefully crafted by the local artisan, United Other. Next, you’ll have trouble choosing which of the assorted potted plants and succulents to bring home with you.
Lastly, you will explore your inner self in the Reiki and intention setting rooms. Notably, this is where the warm support of their in-house team of healers will open up your outlook on life. During, you will experience the euphoric 528 hz vibrations of “pure love”.
Additionally, this space serves as a home to events with its perfect, instagram-worthy backdrop of magical tepee, authentic rugs, and Moroccan pillows.

A Place For Bohemian Bliss

If you are looking to celebrate the spirit of community with fellow mindful souls in blissful relaxation and deep inner healing then the Muse House is your new, sweet summer retreat. To learn more about Muse House’s upcoming events and programming, visit their website.

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Written by Sarah Rose Reichert

Sarah Rose is a Los Angeles-based photographer, designer and journalist. She's also an integrative nutritionist and sports trainer with a love for holistic wellness. When she's not out on the field, you can find her exploring the coast in her ’97 blue Tacoma pickup, packed up with her surfboard and pup Honey.

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