The nursing shortage of 2021 is an unwelcome but understandable consequence of too many people leaving the field and not enough qualified folks to replace them. The good thing is that this nursing shortage is inspiring young adults to do something about it. Now, the reason they’re inspired comes in many forms, and it’s interesting to find out what those forms are so that the health care community can get more young adults into the industry.

High Demand

Increased demand means job seekers are holding most of the cards, a situation that sounds appealing to most millennials. And that’s exactly the type of situation the nursing shortage has created. Hospitals need nurses more than the other way around. As a result, nurses get put to work as soon as they pass the employment background check. Some hospitals are even offering perks no other job offers, like housekeeping services. These perks and advantages are not lost on young adults who hate the thought of being at the mercy of their employer. 

In the Heart

Many of the jobs available to young adults fail to give them purpose. Young adults want to feel like they’re making a difference, yet most jobs just feel like they’re helping some unidentified CEO somewhere rather than their community. That’s not inspiring to anyone, but the good thing is nursing does exist. Helping others tugs at the hearts of young people. It allows them to feel like they’re making a difference. They get to make people in their community feel healthier. They might even help some of the people in their community live longer. Young adults who see the value in that see the value in life, making nursing one of the most fulfilling careers out there.

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Job Security

The job market is unpredictable for young adults. Jobs are simply not as secure as people imply. Job security is a big deal. When a person feels secure in their career, that person starts to feel comfortable with their finances. This leads folks to consider buying a house or new car. It’s all tied to job security, which shows how important it is to have something like that, yet most jobs aren’t offering that to young adults, making them feel a little desperate. The good thing is there’s some light at the end of the tunnel in the form of nursing. The shortage of nurses makes it very secure. This inspires young adults to dream of a more secure future.

Respected Career

Careers aren’t always respected. Sure, they may be accepted as something a young adult has to do to get by and live, but many professions are simply not respected. It takes a lot for a person to work in a field that others admire, like law or medicine. The strange thought is that nursing is respected more today than ever before, thanks to Covid-19. The pandemic highlighted the importance of the nurse and the kind of risks they take to keep everyone as healthy as possible. Everyone refers to nurses as essential workers, and that kind of respect is pretty rare across the job market, and it’s inspiring young folks to seek out this career.

Growth Opportunity

The job market is sometimes filled with jobs that don’t give you a chance to grow. Young adults don’t want to feel stuck. They want to make more money if they choose to. The good thing is this particular career is offering nurses a chance to grow, and it’s partly due to the shortage. Hospitals and clinics want to give nurses a reason to apply to work there. Growth opportunities are attractive to many young adults, inspiring many to go into this career.

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These are just some reasons the nursing shortage is having such a strange effect. It’s something that needs to be looked at and followed as it continues to develop.