How Personal Style Affects Your Personal Brand

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The way you present yourself to the world is part of your brand, so if you think it doesn’t matter what you put on in the morning, you couldn’t be further from an entrepreneurial mindset. Personal style isn’t a take it or leave it part of rising to the top, in a lot of ways, it’s imperative. You can think of yourself like a walking billboard, one that is promoting you and everything you’re doing. It’s not about the superficial qualities many people think of when they think of “fashion” or being “trendy” – it’s about expressing yourself in a unique way and having fun with how you’re presenting yourself to other people.

Confidence is king…

That’s really the key – express yourself. So many of us have heard the term “fake it ‘til you make it” and when it comes to confidence, dressing well is a huge part of the equation. To put it simply, when you look good or feel comfortable, you’re more likely to knock it out of the park with anything you have to do that day. It’s a phenomenon that most of us have experienced. Confidence is absolutely non-negotiable when it comes to being an entrepreneur – because if you don’t believe in yourself, who’s going to?

Wear the best version of you…

Everyone has their own personal style; from uniquely conservative, to outrageously uniform, to completely unfiltered. Some people do like to follow trends, or admire a particular person that they want to emulate. The particulars of where you draw your inspiration from don’t matter – what does matter is that you feel good.

Some of the most successful people in the world adhere to the uniform tactic and will wear the same sneakers and white tee every day. Albert Einstein, for instance, is said to have owned several variations of the same grey suit because he didn’t want to spend extra brainpower deciding what to wear. Consistency can be comforting, and it takes any added thought processes out of the morning when you can simply step into your closet and choose from five versions of the same thing, your trademark look.

Art imitating life…

Millennial Magazine- personal style

If you grew up loving skateboarding and streetwear, channel that into who you are now. Draw on the things that inspire you, the colors and patterns that excite you, the tailoring that makes you feel unstoppable. Wearing a suit is no longer a necessity when you’re grinding in the business world, whether one of your own creation or climbing the ladder elsewhere, but sometimes it simply can’t be beat. The trick is to make it your own – focus on details that represent who you are.

There’s no one recipe for channeling your personal twist on style and making it work. It’s more a process of getting to know yourself, what you like to wear, what feels good, and what looks good.

Here are 5 tips to elevate your personal style:

  1. Personal style is about self-empowerment. Figure out your uniform (whether it’s different every day or not) and stick with the constants that you can bank on that are unique to you. Fresh Jordans? Killer Manolos? Leather jackets? Crisp white tees? You choose.
  2. Bring it beyond your attire. Rose gold MacBook? Stickers that represent what you’ve been involved with or believe in? Sick headphones? The little touches make a big difference.
  3. Have a wrist game. Watches, bracelets, rubber bands with your startup’s logo on them. It’s pretty common these days to stack your wrists, whether you’re male or female, so use that real estate to put a message out.
  4. Don’t be afraid to have fun. No rules is the best rule when it comes to you being yourself. Your style is a way to show your character and lift your confidence – be quirky, be different, be authentic.
  5. Pick a signature scent. People will remember it. It will also, hopefully, make you feel really good as well. It might take some time, but picking a personal fragrance or cologne is like signing your name – it’s another way to channel your personality in a subtle way, but one that people get to interact with whether they talk to your or not.

Personal style isn’t superficial, it’s important. If you want to be successful, it’s important to dress the part – but that doesn’t mean dropping tons of money on expensive conservative clothing that you’ll never wear if it’s not what you’re into. Invest in the things that make you happy, make you feel good, make you feel confident, and showcase your personality. Remember, you are a walking advertisement for the life you’re living, and if you’re unique, people pick up on it and are intrigued – pretty easy way to drive business and make connections in addition to crushing your day like a well-dressed superhero. It’s about empowering yourself, above anything else.

What do you think?

Written by Gerard Adams

Gerard Adams, co-founder of Elite Daily, the No.1 news platform for Generation Y, is an experienced angel investor, millennial thought leader and serial entrepreneur who overcame early adversity to become a self-made millionaire by the age of 24. Devoted to turning dreams into reality, Gerard has made it his mission to inspire and mentor young entrepreneurs on what it takes to be successful. Gerard continues to ​expand and diversify his investment portfolio, backing businesses across multiple industries, from technology to digital media to fashion. For more information about Gerard Adams, visit and follow him on Instagram @GerardAdams.

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