3 Rules For Good Healthy Skin

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The internet will give you all the same general information for good healthy skin. Everyone knows to stay hydrated, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and generally maintain a healthy lifestyle. But there are other less spoken about methods that can be done in conjunction with these logical rules.

Sometimes certain beauty routines and products do work, so let’s look at three of the other uncommon rules for good skin health

Perform Beauty Routines at Night

A lot of people take showers in the morning and then use their cleansers before they start the day. If you are one of those people, try to switch to a nightly routine. In the morning, use a simple face soap and moisturizer. Cleansing your face too often can cause your skin to lose its natural oils. By cleansing at night, you give the facial products time to soak into your pores without exposure to elements like the sun, rain, or wind.

Your skin also needs adequate rest to regenerate itself while you sleep. At night, your body has more time and resources to deal with the stress of the day and this includes your skin.

Remove Moles

Nobody likes unsightly moles, and some can be dangerous to your health. A mole that changes color, shape, or thickness should be attended to immediately. This is a fairly simple procedure that can be done in 45 minutes or less and the results are permanent. The mole will not grow back.

There is no damage to the surrounding skin areas and there are very few chances of scarring. The healing time is just as quick with maybe a few days of redness around the treated areas.

Invest in Collagen

It sounds like a substance a plastic surgeon would use, but collagen is a naturally forming protein in your body. As a person ages, the development of natural collagen starts to deplete. It’s why we get wrinkles. Because the skin loses elasticity over time.

There are tons of natural sources available, and you can take collagen as a supplement tablet or a daily shake. The essential protein stimulates your body’s elastin cells. The shakes come in all types of flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, and berry, and you can easily purchase them online. Collagen doesn’t taste too great by itself.

Good skin health is easy to achieve. Always wear a strong SPF sunscreen and use these tips to keep your skin glowing and healthy for years to come.

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Written by Hanna Hayda

Hanna Hayda is an avid blogger about creating the perfect home environment for your family. From cooking to home improvement, Hanna and her husband share tips and tricks as weekend warriors from the Pacific Northwest.

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