Sexual health is a topic that deserves discussion, yet it seems like women are far more adept at dealing with it than men. So what is it about the issue that makes men clam up, and are there ways to overcome this commonplace reticence?

It’s embarrassing

While men might love to banter with one another about bedroom-based topics, when the time for a serious conversation arises, they’re much less forthcoming. This is because sex is still seen as a taboo subject, even if modern society is much more accepting and liberal than at any point in the past.

For people with partners who do not feel like opening up, the best approach is to be patient while also being persistent over time.

It’s emasculating

Toxic masculinity is being talked about and gradually eroded in a meaningful way for the first time, leaving men freer from bonds of gender conformity that have held them captive for centuries. Yet when it comes to sex, there is still a huge amount of pressure on men to perform, and to take the initiative.

This means that if they cannot perform, men can feel entirely emasculated. Thankfully there are treatments like tadalafil AKA cialis which can effectively tackle impotence and help men to regain their confidence, while also giving them more reason to actually start talking about any performance problems they are experiencing openly.

It’s not seen as their responsibility

This is tied into the roles and behaviors assigned to people according to their genders as well; when it comes to issues of sex and sexual health, women are expected to bear the brunt of the responsibility. From taking the pill to getting pregnancy tests, consulting with physicians about issues and ultimately dealing with the consequences of unprotected intercourse, women are seen as being in the driving seat.

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Because of this, some men have an entirely hands-off attitude to this topic, which can create all sorts of problems and is a symptom of how society perceives them as a whole. Simply being made aware of this inequality is enough to help any right-thinking man to realize that they should share the responsibility.

Men struggle to talk about everything

Speaking freely about sexual health is not the only challenge which many men find daunting; there are lots of other things which simply do not come easily to them. Indeed it is this inability to communicate effectively that is partly responsible for the fact that the majority of suicides worldwide are committed by men.

High profile advocates of talking about mental health issues, with a particular focus on getting men to speak up if they are currently suffering in silence, have helped to make some headway in recent years. Now it seems like the time is right for a similar effort to be made with regards to talking about sexual health, which has just as much impact for women as it does for the men who are their partners.