If your new home needs some upgrades, the end of summer is the time to do them. You can get some serious deals and discounts over the summer for upgrades to make the rest of your summer enjoyable.

Refinish the Basement

This is the time to finish the basement to give you extra square footage to enjoy in the winter. You won’t want to do any renovations in the winter, so now is a good time to consider what kind of refinished basement you’d like to have. It can be turned into a media room or a game room for you and the kids.

Create a Stone Fire Pit

This might be one of the easiest upgrades to make to your new home. Simply dig a hole in the ground and line it with cement blocks, smooth river rocks or bricks. The choice of materials will depend on what you have access to when building. Once the pit is lined with rocks, all you have to do is add your firewood. Enjoy this fire pit long into autumn since it’ll start getting cooler.

Outdoor Movie Theater

An outdoor movie theater can be created in the backyard whether you have a garage to use as a backdrop or not. Use a stretched sheet or large white canvas on a line to create the screen for the movie. You can rent a movie projector for the events. The biggest purchase will be lounge seating and some string lights to create a movie atmosphere for gathering friends and family. After movie night, that lounge seating will be great for cookouts and other backyard fun too.

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Add a Deck

This is the time to add a deck to your new home. It’s a project you can complete yourself one weekend with some lumber from your local home improvement store. Once you pick up a hammer to start your deck, you’ll feel like a true homeowner too.

Buy a Pool

A pool should definitely be on your list. It’s the ultimate summer purchase and will help your new house feel more like a home and an oasis from the summer heat. It’s still possible to get a few weeks of enjoyment out of your pool before the end of the hot days. In fact, in some climates, the end of summer could be in September. That time frame gives you many weeks of pool enjoyment ahead. It’s a good idea to work with a pool contractor like Bonnie & Clydes Above Ground Pools & Spas or a similar business to help you get your pool set up quickly and in a good location.

All of these upgrades will bring value to the new home in case you want to sell it in a few years. You’ll be able to enjoy the rest of what summer has to offer with these additions too.