If you’re like most, when you wake up in the morning you need a little something to jump-start your day. For many, the substance of choice is a good old-fashioned cup of coffee- a rich, hot beverage that has been around for centuries (discovered in Ethiopia around the 13th century).

According to USA Today  83 percent of adults drink coffee. And while it’s common to have personal coffee makers, when people are away from home they often get their daily fix at coffee shops. With a younger demographic often occupying these businesses with laptops and meetings, MiLLENNiAL set out to uncover the appeal of coffee shops for millennials.

The Allure of Coffee Shops

Coffee shops throughout the U.S. generate $11 billion per year. They provide items that will quench a customer’s thirst or satisfy hunger, two daily necessities, and serve a wide variety of beverages including: freshly-brewed coffee or tea, espresso drinks like cappuccino or lattes, cold blended beverages, bottled water and juices.

Millennial Magazine - coffee shopsIn addition to beverages, they frequently provide a number of food options like pastries, desserts and sandwiches. Many shops also offer whole or ground coffee beans that you can take home.

Coffee shops also gear their aesthetics to a younger crowd, knowing that the young and industrious college student may only be a few blocks away with many millennials working behind the counter as well. These shops are also quite accessible. Multitudes of Starbucks’ and other shops are located on almost every street corner and numerous shops can be found in malls nationwide.

Millennial Magazine - coffee shops

Coffee shops also can provide free wifi access for their customers. This makes them an attractive spot and a booming hub for writers, freelancers, and young entrepreneurs, leaving other operations in the dust.

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A Place To Socialize

The act of drinking coffee socially is one of the most common and accepted activities around the world. Coffee shops draw millennials in because of their clean, peaceful, and serene environment. Leave the dust and grime outside! They also often play music that is young and contemporary which feeds its atmosphere rather than detracting from it. Many coffee houses even offer live music for a warm and festive experience.

Millennial Magazine - coffee shops

Coffee Can Be Good For You

At times coffee gets a bad rap, but the average coffee regiment doesn’t hurt. It has several benefits which include:

  1. Providing antioxidants– These can be obtained through fruits and vegetables, but the human body actually absorbs the most from coffee.
  2. Medical benefits– Coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, liver disease, stroke and can lessen symptoms of Parkinson’s disease as well as depression.
  3. Bolstered stamina and alertness- The caffeine and energy that coffee provides can make you more attentive and can improve physical performance.
  4. Increased intelligence– Caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine, enhancing the presence of good transmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine.
  5. Increased life span– coffee drinkers have a 30 percent lower risk of death than non-drinkers.

Coffee shops have become such a part of modern culture that it would be difficult to imagine a world without them. So join the millennial masses at your local barista. You can almost smell the sweet aroma from here!