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Known to many as a problem solver, Paul Kuhne has gained a humble reputation of trust and reliance throughout the Hostelling International USA (HI USA) community.

As the Northeast Regional Engagement Manager for HI USA (New York and New England), his openness to facilitating a comfortable and friendly place to stay often has him shooting pool or exchanging travel stories with solo travelers.

In this role, Paul has worked with nonprofits, news stations, local festival organizers, and area artists to help the hostels connect more deeply with their local communities. By engaging the general public within this region, his work regularly extends beyond hostellers and reaches the residents themselves.

His zest for community involvement and passion for citizen diplomacy developed during a study abroad trip to Argentina. While collaborating with locals to learn more about Argentina’s push to embrace human rights reforms, Paul realized the power and responsibility individuals had in improving their own communities.

Bringing this newfound knowledge back with him to the States, Paul plunged deeper into the nonprofit and educational communities of both Philadelphia and Boston. From connecting marketers with nonprofits to bridging event coordinators with media outlets, his efforts are known to have life changing ripple effects.

On any given day, you will find him speaking Spanish to a group of Latin American travelers, cooking lunch with HI Boston guests in the community kitchen, or mapping out the must-see places for sightseers in hostel common spaces.

Every day Paul strives to create an environment that helps hostellers better understand the people, places, and world around them.

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Year born: 1987

Age: 28

City: Boston, MA

Background: B.S. Political Science, Spanish, Latin American studies / Temple University

Profession: Regional Engagement Manager

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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