Finding a mentor can be tough, and it’s even more difficult when your plate is already full with work, school, or other time-consuming commitments. Although it can be difficult, the benefits of having an experienced guide are countless. If you’re in graduate school or just beginning your professional career, now is the perfect time to find a mentor to guide you through your career

Add Instant Value

Mentors can help you develop time management skills, assist in structuring your research project or thesis, and even help you make the transition to a full-time job after graduation. Additionally, a good counselor can also give you advice on your career from the perspective of someone who has been in the industry for several years already. 

A mentor will give you the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Having a professional in the industry you want to enter will give you an inside look into the ups and downs of the field, so you can decide whether it is truly the career you want to pursue. 

Plot Your Course

Additionally, mentors can help you clarify what your career goals are. With their years of experience, they have undoubtedly been through similar situations and can offer a unique perspective on your current situation. 

Another major benefit of having a mentor is having someone help to advance your career. Your mentor knows you well, and will undoubtedly be able to write you a stellar recommendation for any future employment opportunities. 

Take A Dry Run

It’s also important to find a mentor that will give you unbiased feedback. Part of the learning process is making mistakes, and it’s important to have someone who will acknowledge when you have made a mistake but also help you learn from it.

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Having an advisor can also help increase your confidence in the workplace. Having someone to go to for career advice can help minimize your nerves when working in a new environment, and counselors are a great resource for any questions you may have about your career. 

It’s clear that there are countless benefits of having a mentor early in your career. If you’re looking for career support, check out the infographic below from the University of St. Augustine to learn the eight steps to find a perfect mentor.